World War

In this work it affirms that, at the beginning, all the libido is accumulated in id, while the ego still is in formation process (CAVALCANTE, 2003). The narcissism was subject widely discoursed by Freud and many had been its followers. We cite Lacan, psychoanalyst after freudiano, that in 1936 desnvolve the theory ' ' stadium of espelho' ' that it represents the proper birth of I and makes a releitura of the freudiano narcissism as being one of them pillars of its workmanship (MIGUELEZ, 2007. NARCISSISM a CONCEPT ATEMPORAL the primary idea of narcissism appeared in the studies of dated Freud of year 1899, perpassado a century more than, the concept continues sucitanto quarrel between the scholars. It was observed that psychology studied the concept and not only formulated questionings, other authors claim on the narcsico citizen in the society occidental person contemporary.

Authors worried about the questions of the comtemporneidade, Salis and Salem (2010), affirm that: after the end of World War II, the culture that emergent is originary of much destruction, and deriving of two great wars. After 2a War, the man if comes across with the sensible lack of and the feeling of emptiness, the meaningless life and without cause if it restores in the world occidental person. The author continues saying that a great landmark is the film Youth Transviada de Elia Kazan, having James Dean in the main paper: ' ' Since nothing it has direction, the direction I am eu' '. Now is everything for pleasure, for satisfaction immediate, for amusement maximum of I, and that of a form or another one, to live the moment it is the passion that prevails, to live exactly for itself, does not stop the past or for the posterity. They still consider, that this call Culture of the Narcissism that we see to appear, was cradle of the relations without affective bond and the permissividade and that the statisticians corraboram this affirmation when: … ' ' in

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