Web Services Wizards

Legal prosecution of unscrupulous vendors online services. Random links in Internete.Ne sex – Services webmasters and other virtual performers. Time the most precious and irreplaceable, we have est.Seychas our life is divided into two components: a life in the physical world, offline and in the space of the Internet Online. Over the past ten years the number of transactions on the Internet exceeded mnogomilliadnye summy.Eti billions are many small transactions, and a hundred and of fifty dollarov.U us the opportunity to sell quickly and thus quickly get pribyl.Vse would be nice if all took money for services that are able to perform within a specified time and in a specified kachestve.Bylo be just fine if everyone to whom we pay money for online transactions actually occurred. Transactions that do not run a web master, either in quality or over time, often fall on paid placement of articles and ads doskam.Kak said one such "master" after and proceeded to implement the order, and so are you using with my tops. So my dear, do their board, which is not clear that yours – and we paid just will not go there. But under this pretext such grief master took 3,000 rubles and gave them not even started vernut.On place, and took the job that is physically and technically initially could not perform. In the contract it was agreed that it places every fifty articles in article directories and fifty 30 dney.Proshlo two months, but the result nikakogo.My became interested in how unique paper after the second placement can remain unique, and he was obliged to place each item on fifty resursah.Takim way it was originally known to carry out this work can not, but took the money, by exposed. .

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