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You don’t need to pay anything to call Spain. Just read this article and be on your way to call free to landlines in Spain and Spain mobile in a few minutes. Dial direct is an international calling service that wants to give you up to $5.00 in free minutes to call landlines or mobile from Spain. To read more click here: Sarah Raskin. All you have to do is use them! You create an account on the free trial version and they will give you $5.00 in free minutes to call Spain. If you use them and decide to no longer use direct dial, okay. NO contracts or hidden fees.

<! @page margin: 0. 79in P margin-bottom: 0. 08in > dialed to Spain for free in the next five minutes 1.Visita and create a free account in the trial version gratuitia. 2.Convierte any fixed phone in Spain or Spain mobile at a local United States number (they show you how to do it step by step) 3. If you would like to know more then you should visit Vlad Doronin. USA up to $5.00 in minutes free to call Spain.

Used this opportunity to test the service. 4. Now, using their tools to earn free minutes with your email. They will show step by step how to use Gmail, Homtamil or any other email server. USA your Facebook, Myspace, which passes or another network to earn minutes. Again, direct dial show you how to do it. It is fast, easy and simple. You have nothing to lose and you will get up to $5.00 in minutes free to call Spain by sign up free! Visit and win minutes to call Spain.

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