Something that is impossible to imitate by anybody, that is unique and unforgettable if it manifests itself clearly. The affection we give to a customer is a of the most profitable investments we can make in our business. If he is honest and is perceived correctly, show affection to a good customer from time to time, you can do this you want to stay with us throughout their lives and to become one of our best sellers. An affective client can bring more benefit than any advertising that boasts. Relational marketing emotional marketing ultimately we are seeing that we have gone from the paradigm of transactional marketing I have a product, sell it to who?, the relational marketing I have a client, how and what I sell you?. But that is not enough, as we have already seen, the mere marca-cliente relationship does not guarantee a pleasant experience. Most of us maintain relationships of convenience with organizations, that we would change with gusto in case there is any option. It would be interested to all have an alternative to the Treasury or any of monopolies to which we are linked by necessity.

However the emotional marketing paradigm, responds to I have a client, how can I help you? that that difference to one organization from another. When a company cares about helping their customers, it is demonstrating that he is interested before their well-being and development and after the volume of business that they bring to the company. The key perhaps is in knowing how to choose clients that we must demonstrate affection that appreciation is made manifest in more profit and no more cost. What is the emotional marketing? If we’re deducing that emotional marketing is a useful and powerful tool in the hands of a company with a clear desire to remain and grow in the market, it would be us well define it to understand its scope and its limits.

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