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The cost of this development varies from 20 000 to 70 000 rubles. That's not counting the cost of electricity, the Internet, which is paid at commercial rates, payment facilities and many other things needed for full operation web-studio. Then there is the usual arithmetic, and we obtain a lower bar for the cost of the project for the design will have to pay between 30 and 000, for the imposition of 5000, a content management system from 30 000 (complete set, which contains a standard set of modules for website management) programming work of 20 000. Preparation of documentation, testing, deployment to a server, registration / transfer the domain to the site, mail configuration, the primary content of the site content. If the studio provides services web hosting, then most likely will make a bonus in the form of 3-6 months of unpaid accommodation site on its server. We summarize the results – from 85 000 rubles. Due to what some studio underbid? As they drop this rate up to 30 000 – 40 000? There are a lot of ways, but they all lead to a deterioration in quality.

That is to say templating produced sites. But then the studio should produce such a month is not 3.4 site, and 10 or more to justify all their costs. Templating – use a similar layout design, which does not require a complete layout and rendering of unique exclusive design. In the language of professionals is called the hack. The same price you can knock at the expense of salary and work with freelancers. For example – an aspiring designer, trainee, and can operate for 18 000 rubles, the designer has the skills but no experience will agree to work for 25 000 programmer without experience – 20 000 rubles per month.

But the savings is equivalent to the transfer of project professionals in the creation of the students. Can never be sure of quality results. Always pay attention to quality completed studio projects, look at the professional level, do not try to save money and only then can you get the desired result. Source of information studio TiNet – web design and promotion. On web-site studio TiNet you will also find many other useful articles.

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