The Worker

The managers of Human resources are responsible in developing procedures that the collaborators stimulate to work motivated and that, through these procedures, can be pleased personally, however, having the perception of whom this does not occur, it is important to identify the factors that are harming the worker and to discover which its necessities, so that, as much the worker how much the organization can walk in tunning, searching the same resulted. 2. Development 2,1 the history of the work in the life of the people the history of the work is so old how much of the man who at certain moments finishes if confusing. In accordance with Wachowicz (2007) the word work originates from vocbulo Latin tripalium, that it still means device of torture formed for three sharpened woods armed of an iron tip, where the agriculturists used to tear and to esfiapar the maize spikes and, today, the work is considered as suffering, suffering, penalty, drudgery, punishment. Musk offers on the topic.. As a pledge of subsistence, the men of primitive communities carried rudimentary instruments for the execution of the work that demanded the job of the force human being.

The feeding was originary of the hunting and of the harvest of wild fruits e, later, with the agriculture differently of the hunting, she was exerted for men and women and made possible to establish itself in an only region, without having that to dislocate itself from a side for the other. In the constitution of the first societies or peoples, the work was rewarded for merchandises (known system as trade), configuring itself as an exchange method. In the civilization Greek, the work was developed with the idea of that the social difference between the men was natural and it did not have any contradiction in its division, the successful people in the society dedicated its time to the reflection, to the citizenship exercise and of the good to govern, on the other hand, the favored classroom less was forced to the enslaved work.

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