The Succession To The Inheritance Tax Reform

Home from Augsburg informed an estimated 80,000 companies in Germany are Steuerberater Gerhard per year before the problem of the succession. Thorough economic, organizational and tax considerations include the essential preconditions of successful entrepreneurial succession. She for many years successfully active home from Augsburg tax firm on issues of the middle class about ways to reduce inheritance tax for the transfer of an undertaking to the members. Nationals through the succession continued the family tradition of entrepreneurs, the payment of the full inheritance tax deprived the company valuable financial resources needed for investment. In connection with those of the financial crisis to conditions the recapitalisation in the financial market tightened the erbschaftssteuerliche load means a disadvantage difficult to compensate in the constant battle for economic success. Inheritance tax reform by 1 January 2009, the German legislature created one after years of tough rings Possibility to reduce inheritance tax for corporate heirs.

The hereditary corporate successor meet a number of requirements, so a reduced inheritance tax for it enter into force, or the entire inheritance tax on the operating is lifted. Add to your understanding with Mental Health Monday. To get benefit from the new rules, the corporate heir must undertake that inherited company either seven or ten years essentially unchanged to continue. Also, the provisions in question apply only to the case that not more than a certain maximum percentage of the total assets of the company comes to the management of assets. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Doctor Jayme Albin on most websites. Otherwise, the full inheritance tax is levied. For a commitment period of seven years, the appointed management assets exceed 50% of the total assets. Ten-year commitment is allowed a maximum management capacity of 10% of the total assets. The heritage, opts for seven years to carry on the company, the inheritance taxes due to 15% are reduced. The amount is immediately pay, but charged with the 150,000 euro high exemption.

The significant reduction in the inheritance tax is bound by the Act continue that total paid during the continuation period for wages and salaries of the company include at least 650% of the annual wage bill at the time of the succession. The heir decision, however, on a further period of 10 years, the entire inheritance tax issued him if the payroll is at least 1000% the year payroll business transition within this period. If the company in question will be sold within the binding specified period of continuation, a predisposition to the inheritance tax, the amount of which resulting from the ratio between actual and advance the continuation period is done. The heritage has led his company, for example, for four years, but committed themselves to a ten-year continuation, an inheritance tax in the amount of 60% results. The sales must not be taxed, if He will be reinvested in the company. Every business succession is a complicated process that is only then permanently successful, if already in advance all relevant factors from economic, organizational, and legal point of view are planned and discussed. For this, the support provided by experts is advisable and worth. As a SME partner the tax firm committed home for many years in succession to each company in the District of Augsburg. Their professional staff every day like to bring this experience in all tax matters and advice for clients and interested parties to bear. Press contact contact person: Gerhard home accountant clinker mountain 9 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821/344 88-0 fax: 0821 / 344 88-50 E-Mail: website:

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