The Strategic

He is better to know where it is wanted to arrive so that it knows how how to design the map to arrive. It thinks first that life style you want and designs your business around. Hazte some questions: a. How many hours to the day you want to work? b. You are arranged to work the week ends? c.

How net entrance How much you want to gain every year? d. How many weeks or months of vacations you are going to take every year? e. You want to work when you travel? The more clearly you define what sera the success of your company in the future, is the more easy to make the correct questions for ayudarte arrive until there. 7. To share your way to the success. You would obtain very little or almost nothing working only. is a new paradigm in the form to make businesses the virtual company. The concept includes the strategic alliances, with teammates and the one of the most important players virtual assistant. This person can make several things such as to make adjustments of trip, appointments, accounting, taxes, update of Web sites, to write or to publish presentations and almost any other project that can be imagined. The lesson is here, to concentrate in which you are strong and to collaborate with others to help them to reach its goal? What needs your company to go to the following level? Who can collaborate with you so that this happens?

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