The Environment

Defined this concept, she is necessary to understand the interactions of the society with the same. The society has a good time adopted a life style where the priority is the personal accomplishment, it has it cost that will be, and the activities developed for the man tend to provoke some type of impact to the way. Today for influence of the media the definition of ambient impact this always on to a damage the nature. But, if the impact is an alteration of the environment provoked for the man, is important to stand out that this can or not to be beneficial. A simple example of a beneficial alteration would be the introduction of a professional corporation, where if the service of selective collection is spread out the receiving community. Treating to the adverse impacts to the environment, considering a company, it is important that all the stages of the cycle of life of an enterprise are taken in consideration. According to Sartori et al (2008), the industries of laticnios is manufacter units that process milk, producing the most diverse derivatives. In its work on the ambient management in industries of laticnios in Brazil, it Sanches cites (1997), affirming that some decades behind, the process of raw material transformation in products did not consider the adverse effect in ecosystems and the proper society, allowing that social and ambient problems emerged that each time more if become critics it welfare of the society. The process of improvement of milk generates a volume of effluent liquids three times at least bigger, from which more than 90% of this sum do not receive any type of treatment, SEBRAE/MG (1997,1998). In accordance with Fields et al (2004), this occurs because the majority of the laticnios, that are of small average transport, presents financial difficulties to keep specialized staff who has capacity to work with technological innovations and to operate systems of effluent.

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