Technical Departments

Of which the technical department of a company consists the preventive computer science maintenance, there is in case it, must be the one in charge of resolves all the problems that happen in relation to the network and to technical problems several. But in case there was not east department in the company and is a contracted service this would have to pay attention before any hard technique that can arise to him to the client. If you have contracted a preventive computer science maintenance service you must know how it works and what it covers. A first that must cover preventive service of maintenance is the telephone attendance for any doubt that can arise and that it can be resolved by telephone. In addition, it is important that the preventive computer science maintenance service, is in charge to inform before serious failures of how solving it or explaining the reasons through which they pass these errors. The basic services of a preventive maintenance are: Revision of the state of the network; through weekly examinations and controls, the technicians must know how he is the network and where it fails, stops before any failure that can arise to be preparing. To control the operation of the servant; this, also is task of the computer science maintenance service and within this process, to verify itself if the anti-virus is working correctly and if the data are being transferred of correct form. All these services would be those that form in basic package of a pereventivo computer science maintenance service. Original author and source of the article.

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