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South America

Monday, July 20th, 2015

Land of sea, beaches of white sand, beautiful tropical views and the Sun, soft and warm.The thought of Barbados evokes images of deserted beaches, beauty and tropical fauna. Barbados is a land of bright sun and traditions. A multi-cultural Island, exotic food and history.It was a land of pirates and adventures, which has become a tourist destination par excellence.Barbados is also a land of modern technology and innovative medicine, which attracts international pacientes-visitantes throughout the year. Located in the Caribbean, Barbados is a land rich in history.Founded by the Indians, and then by the Portuguese and the Spanish, the island was colonized by England in the 1600s until it won its freedom from British rule in the mid 1960s.The motto of Barbados, is serve the people well, which has helped develop the small island and turn it into one of the destinations of the tourist world par excellence. Visitors seeking outdoor adventure, you can enjoy fishing on the high seas, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, spend the day sleeping in the warm sandy beaches or scuba dive in the warm, clear, blue waters that surround the island.

In recent years, Barbados has become one of the most popular destinations to perform aesthetic tourism, international travelers from the United States, South America, South Africa and Europe.Cosmetic surgical procedures and plastics, and dental medicine and cosmetic dentistry, have attracted thousands of travelers to its sandy beaches and world class medical services.A multitude of medical centers, clinics and hospitals in Barbados are accredited by JCI, a U.S. International Agency.UU. It is estimated that almost 800 million patients travelled in 2010 to perform cosmetic surgeries and a large number of them, will travel to Barbados.

The Goal

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Unfortunately since millennia ago, certain groups were commissioned to handle to your liking to this unknown territory. To achieve this they invented us religions and thereby gave beginning to the great wars and massacres which we have already seen in the passage of history. Each one, looking after their own interests has loved by half to force demonstrate their reasons, has needed to convert a lot of people in big fan of their ideas and thereby, have disturbed to science and the world that we can see with the eyes of the logic that really can happen to us after death. It will be that man comes from the dust and the returns. Our goal is turning up to the point of games. It seems to be this very simplistic on the basis that the man is not. No doubt that after death a part of us, that spirit, that soul leaves our body and wandering in the space until another being, it absorbs energy.

Is why we repeatedly find privileged beings in music, the arts, science, etc. They are beings that have been able to assimilate the knowledge of others and again in new bodies to give us more help. Of course we could not think of such order if there or have a central fountain that handle, produces or create the many consciences that exist. I guess and birth of the need to believe in this, because otherwise, we would lose our apartment, we would find ourselves wandering in an illogical space and lack of that invisible friend is always at our side when we feel helpless, when we do not find who speak, who ask.