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The Maid

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

One sat down and it looked in direction the trees, in which for some times if it hurt trying to go up or to go down of them. It felt a great squeeze in the chest, caught a rock and it started to draw in the land, being tried to linger itself stops not to cry. It waited there seated 15 minutes, it thought about as it would be its new school, its new neighbors and if it would have friends to play soccer in the end of the afternoon. The time started to close and Willian soon perceived that it would go to rain, exactly thus was not moved, was there seated looking at for the more black and frightful clouds that were being each time. It heard steps in the street, and looked at quickly.

Its friends came running holding its knapsacks in hands, some launching them there of the street in direction to the field, generally its notebooks were kneaded when they made this. He counted 11 friends, not only quickly of its room, but also of other rooms, boys who liveed close to its house and that they usually played with it in the end of the afternoon. They had gone down running the abrupt declivity, some rolling and making dirty total its uniforms. A related site: Wendy Holman mentions similar findings. Willian if raised and turned in direction they, looking at that scene and laughing, feeling themselves happy as never. Lucas if approached to Willian and said: – It was what I obtained friend. Willian looked at for Lucas it hugged and it. – You go to lose man today? Willian spoke while it hugged the friend. – If I to only leave? Lucas retrucou smiling.

They had left running to choose the teamses, while they started to fall the first rain drops, still fine, but quickly transforming the land into mud. The director of the school if approached to the abrupt declivity and looked the boys there under, that soon they had looked at for it. Soon behind it he came walking to devagar the maid who closed the morning gate soon. It stopped to the side of the director. They had perceived that it said something in the ear managing it that she breathed deep and she continued looking at the boys. After an apprehension time it turned over and started to come back toward the school.

Bird Maria

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

It ate green banana. Beyond to be half maluco with this gold business, it was guloso that alone. It was the Pepo with the banana sales, papaya, orange, watermelon and rapadura. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marlene Dietrich. I do not believe. It goes to marry Pepo? the vicar what it is that says? However who goes to marry is it and not priest. They had married. Pepo remodelled the house. It mounted a warehouse of dry and wet.

But it did not give flag of what he was owner. the life continued in its march. It constructed new house. It bought more two sales, transformed that them into warehouse. It progressed visibly. The brother-in-law then did not get tired itself to praise Pepo. Peter Arnell recognizes the significance of this. Also already he baptizes eight children. Pepo was the man who more compadre had in the city.

It died? Of childbirth? It died. Simply it died. Coitado of the Pepo. It liked the woman in such a way. The bad languages said that it died in such a way of making son and when did not tava waiting, ordered the child to play in the square. In the days of rain then, it ordered the filharada one for the house of the uncle and was in the bed with Pepo, until not being able more. Cumpadre. Escuita me a thing. It will not have of being that said deceased, it gave me to appear all the nights. Cross creed, Bird Maria. But as cumpadre? What do you mean? Therefore it is as is that deceased of comadre it gave to appear? It did not pray the mass of seventh day? I praid of seventh day, of thirty days and all the month in the day of the death, the brother-in-law priest prays mass in the intention of the sister. But cumpadre, what I go counts to it, please, for the love of God, does not speak with nobody.


Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

It did not have no judgment When I was to work in a new judicial district, when arriving they had informed to me that she had a woman that she was always binding for the public prosecutor’s office. Without hesitation Prudential explained all about the problem. It did not beat well of the head and bound to tell crimes that had never happened and to say a mount of besteiras. To the times it appeared of body and soul to present its you complain. All age nonsense, charged rights that it never had, as, for example, behind wages of its position of teacher. Determined day I was working outside of the expedient and the telephone touched insistently.

I decided to take care of the linking and I hear that music that identifies the linkings to charge. Soon it came me the head that could be that unbalanced woman who not yet knew and for this reason I decided to take care of in the following way: – Aougue Good Ox, good day. – what? It is not of the public prosecutor’s office? – Not, it is of aougue. – Cross creed, has as much blood in the public prosecutor’s office that until already turned aougue. The woman beat the telephone in my face and I go up of face that was to such rattlehead. In another he found me day in the drudgery when I listen to one would cry out in the room of wait of the public prosecutor’s office. I run for the place you would function and them were scared, with the locked door, therefore the sick related one held a wood piece and threatened to break everything.

It always said that a promotional colleague was loving its, plus one of its false beliefs, or not. To calm I decided it to speak of its loving presumption, that in that hour it worked in another judicial district. Someone! Loving its this and nor does not come here today. It can go even so. He leaves to fight with it in another occasion – It is not plus loving mine. I cut I negotiate it of it and vendi for ten Reals. After much colloquy the woman he was even so without I ruin making it promise. When the colleague arrived I said that not wise person to it who I negotiate it of it value so little.