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GIS Business

Friday, October 10th, 2014

What helps people helps Leo Burnett General considerations business and definition. Modern management cannot be given to the dynamic, proactive behavior of its role in the markets where it operates, often in scenarios changing, full of opportunities and threats, neglecting their information systems, establish a databank of all things involving it in pro make decisions that favor him. There are many companies in the country, especially the SMEs, lacking within its definition, use of information systems operation, all because they have neglected it has not determined what they represent, so that this work in decision-making, in order have not involved in its organizational culture and since then, it has seriously harmed its achievements. Is very unfortunate that many managers have not been identified with representing the scope, use, advantages, needs to have good information systems, the same schools of administration much culpability it had of the country that have not emphasized that involves having a good information system and are given little training, training in this regard. Is significant that management, as the executives of the company, are clear that management information systems are a necessity today, all of this due to the companies manage large amounts of data which can be analyzed in such a way that relevant information can be found to take different courses of action. The GIS are currently known as Business intelligent (business intelligence), this is due to influencing decision-making. GIS are part of corporate strategies, communication and information are of great value in organizations or companies, which represent power should be noted is, on the relevance of having defined management information (GIS) systems, need management to identify with what they represent, Wikipedia reminds us, that these systems are the result of interaction collaborative between people, technologies and procedures – collectively called information systems-oriented to solve business problems. The SIG or my (also called thus by its acronym in English: Management Information System) differ from the common information systems in which to analyse the information used other systems used in the operational activities of the organization.

Maintenance Costs

Monday, June 25th, 2012

How was controlled the progress of the program? Which were the real costs of implementing it? The oil monitoring and analyses and lubrication, were integrated with other technical outposts of mantencin? Who and in what intensity they were trained for the program? Which was the reaction of those affected by the changes that the program caused? Which was the paper of the direction superior, to initiate and to support the changes that the program demanded? How were justified the costs of the program? What would do in different form if they had to initiate the program again? Which are the plans for the continuous improvement of the program? Of the accumulation of experiences and the answers to this series of questions, one has been that the successful ones exhibit common characteristics and factors, that they are due to consider. II. WE CAN IMPROVE THE PRACTICES. In modern approach of mantencin, the best form to retire the tool is finishing with the culture of the repair handled by the tool. One is due to return the productive equipment in " Confiables" , this is available the greater amount of possible time, but not only reliable, but reliable to the smaller possible cost, than it is translated in obtaining the highest availability of the equipment to the smaller cost. From this approach, the trustworthiness is optimized not maximized.

This drift in a discriminatory strategy, between the maximization of the availability versus. the costs of obtaining it and on the other hand the yield of the business versus. risk of the nonavailability. This strategy has become serious in many companies of the countries developed by means of the use of the tactics of " Reliability Centered Maintenance: (RCM) " or what we will call the Mantencin Centered in the Availability: (MCD) To cover the total is the central strategic roll of the oil monitoring.