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Social Justice

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

This type of research is not abided by unified a theoretical and/or metodolgico concept, thus, the individual and subjective perspective if it constitutes an initial starting point (FLICK, 2009). In this direction, ‘ ‘ the qualitative method is what it is applied to the study of history, the relations, the representations, the beliefs, the perceptions and the opinions, products of interpretations that the human beings make regarding as they live, construct to its same devices and itself, feel and pensam’ ‘ (MINAYO, 2008 pp. 57). 5.2 Participant the participants of the research had been social judges, promoters, psychologists and assistants, who work with the cases of dispute of guard in poles of family of the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories. 5.3 Instrument the used instrument was the semistructuralized interview. The qualitative interview has as purpose to take care of the objective tracings for the research and it can be used as the only technique of research (FRASER; GONDIM, 2004). In this way, ‘ ‘ the intention of the research only can be to understand the meanings and the experiences of the interviewed ones in what it refers to the definitive situations and eventos’ ‘ (FRASER; GONDIM, 2004 P. 145).

Fraser and Gondim (2004) designate that the use of this type of instrument if justifies for the fact of the qualitative research to be a boarding that intends to understand the particular reality and has a strong commitment with the social transformation, through the autorreflexo and of the emancipatria action that if considers to unchain in the proper participants of the research. 24 5,4 Procedures of collection of data For the contact with the professionals of the Psicossocial Service of the TJDFT, the proposal of this work was presented the institution, requesting itself which had it authorization for the conduction of the research in the dependences of the Secretariat Psicossocial – SEPSI. After the granting, gave to beginning the interviews with these professionals in the dependences of the SEPSI. A social assistant and a psychologist had been interviewed. The contact with the judges and promoters was made next to the respective cabinets, by means of letter of introduction and in annex the Term of Free Assent and Esclarecido (TCLE) (ATTACHED I). Promotores/as and four judges of the Promotorias and Varas of Family of two cities had been contacted seven satellites of the Federal District.

Free Competition

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

These two for if completing finish erroneamente being confused as synonymous, but it is interesting to detach some differences, and to analyze that of certain form these principles finish being antagonistic between itself. The beginning of the free initiative or of free enterprise it corresponds to the delimitation of the space of the economic agents, is the legal defense to the agent in undertaking what to desire without the state interference, that is, the freedom is authorized to the individual to have the company and to vender the product that more good to identify itself, the State cannot limit the choice of the entrepreneur in constituting the company that to fit to it. In the moving this it detaches Rabbit the importance of this principle to the Commercial law, For the Commercial law, two excellent aspects if conclude in the insertion of the free initiative it enters the beddings of the economic order. In first place, the constitutionality of law rules that they aim at to motivate the particular ones to the exploration of enterprise activities; in as is the duty tax to the generality of the people, to respect constitucional law the same, as well as the illegality of the acts that hinder its full exercise.

(2008; p.188-189) Already the beginning of the competition freedom it tells that the economic agent is free to undertake what she understands well since that does not harm the freedom of other economic agents to concur. The contradiction in these is perceived here two principles, therefore not if it can definiz them as synonymous. The freedom that is given in the free initiative is limited in the free competition, this when abuses on the part of the economic agents occur thus harming the freedom of others to concur, therefore the freedom is authorized to institute the company who the agent to desire, but the State has to analyze if the implementation of this will not harm the competition it enters excessively.

The Times

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

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Nery Decision

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

In this subject, the doctrine diverge regarding this species of assistants to directly be able to be reached by the sentencial decision, exactly not integrating the procedural relation. For the doutrinadores that defend this thesis, the justification if of on account of the similarity enters this type of assistant and the unitary facultative joint party, that exactly suffers the effect from the considered thing opting to not participating of the process. This is the agreement of Nelson Nery Jnior and Rosa Maria of Andrade 17 Nery, for example, and ours to see, most correct, in view of that, the two receive identical treatment procedural. Another question of great relevance in what it refers to the incidence of the thing judged on the assistants, says respect the possibility of the quarrel of ‘ ‘ justice of deciso’ ‘ after the res judicata. Click Cigna to learn more. Art. 55 of the CPC affirm that ‘ ‘ transited in judged the sentence, in the cause where assistant intervined, this will not be able, in posterior process, to argue the justice of the decision, saved if to allege and to prove … ‘ ‘.

‘ ‘ One understands for justice of the decision the beddings in fact and of right of the sentence, that is, after the judged transit in of the sentence given in the process in which it intervined, the simple assistant will not be able more, in future process, to argue those facts that had been adopted by the judge as bedding of the decision for pronounced it. Learn more at this site: DivvyDose. The doctrine, in its great majority, nominates this procedural phenomenon of effect of the intervention or effectiveness of assistncia’ ‘.

New Literacy Studies

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

The letramento is intrinsically on to the way as the reading and the writing is understood and practised in determined social context. The master Pablo Freire was pioneering in the revolutionary idea of letramento, although not to use this term, when affirming that to if becoming alfabetizado, the citizen would have a way to take conscience of its reality and to transform it. In the reality, the social development of the writing occurred in function of some historical landmarks of that time, such as: ' ' emergency of the State as unit politics; the formation of national identities not necessarily based in ethnic or cultural alliances; the socioeconmicas changes in the great masses that if incorporated the forms of industrial works; the emergency of the education formal' ' (KLEIMAN, 1995: 16). All these historical and social landmarks had made with that the writing gained importance more each sped up time in the society. From the decade of 80 of the passed century, they appear, in consequncia of some works related to the writing, the New calls Studies of the Letramento or New Literacy Studies, which consider the independent model and the ideological model of letramento (STREET, 1984). The independent model is based on the understanding of that ' ' the letramento occurs by means of the language without context, of the independent speech and the thought analtico' ' (STREET, 1995, P. 154). In this perspective, the letramento is a neutral tool that can be applied of homogeneous form, with equally homogeneous results in all the social and cultural contexts. It presents, still, the great verbal verge/written, being that, in the societies where the written letramento is not present, the fact is seen as great ' ' lacuna' ' to be filled by occidental methods that would take to the progress politician, economic and personal. To acquire the letramento would lead to the acquisition of logic, critical reasoning and scientific perspectives, as much in the social level as personal.