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Materials Science

Monday, March 16th, 2020

In the 80 years of 20 century in Lipetsk using a pilot plant “Tsentrmetallurgremonta” were built 16 – and 20-storey buildings. The average square meter of the housing cost is 30% cheaper Compared to traditional construction. Thanks shschv homes can be built without cement. Receive this material from the waste of metallurgical and chemical industries. As a result, the characteristics shschv higher than those cement parameters: in particular, freeze-thaw shschv is about 1000 cycles of freezing and thawing, while even the best brands of cement – about 300. For the production of metallurgical slag shschv necessary and connections alkali metals and alkali themselves. That is astringent – a product derived from a mixture of ground slag and a solution of alkali metal.

From it produced various kinds of concrete – light and heavy, foam and honeycomb. Surprisingly, in Russia, where the largest steel production in the world, this method still used not very active. Another promising technology has been created in our country. “We have developed technology production of a new insulation material kapsimet: have expanded clay gravel and covered it with a thin shell laitance. Capsulation operation can produce with any material – from the expanded clay to limestone, glass, waste materials, any porous structures. That is, appeared macroporous lightweight concrete, which builders have long dreamed of. This is a warm and “breathable” wall – says Marseille Bikbaev, Dr. Chemical Sciences, professor, director general of the Moscow Institute of Materials Science and efficient technologies. – We have cement consumption is three times lower than in the ordinary concrete – not 400 kilograms per cubic meter of wall, and 120.