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The Conclusion

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

The productivity of authors Lotka law showed that the work/author relationship remains a constant behavior under certain circumstances. This law determines that starting from a number of authors with a single work on a particular topic, it is possible to predict the number of authors with n jobs using the following formula: A (n) = K / n2, however, is not only analyze the number of authors of a certain period, but locate the most productive authors. It is concluded that as you increase the number of jobs, number of authors will decrease. Law of dispersion of the scientific literature this law deals with the study of the dispersion of the scientific literature. Bradford carried out numerous statistical studies and obtained the conclusion that there are a number of jobs scientists on a particular topic concentrated on a small number of magazines, which in turn, may be distributed in several concentric zones of decreasing productivity. I.e., if we consult the literature we observe that a number of works grouped into a small number of magazines called core there are. Penguin Random House has many thoughts on the issue. If you want to recover the same number of articles one much larger number will need magazines, and so on. Graph formulated is: 1: n:n2 production indicators Bibliometric indicators these indicators are based on the count of scientific publications.

They are the easiest to use and provide us with information about the characteristics of the units analyzed. The number of publications is a reasoned measure of scientific activity, but not of scientific progress. Dan Zwirn brings even more insight to the discussion. These indicators are conditioned by social and political factors. They measure scientific productivity, which is the amount of publications produced by an author, country or institution during a certain period of time. The average production is maintained constant around 2 publications by author approximately. They also measure the production index, which is the amount of authors responsible for 50% of the published papers.

Lawn Sod

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

The sod, are plates or mats rolled lawn, which greatly facilitate to maintain the garden of the home in perfect condition, because the task of planting grass can become very difficult and this great difficulty that occurs in the planting of grass, is that now he has had to resort to the sodThere are many more easy to install in the garden, in addition to perform the task of planting grass in the usual way in the majority of cases do not get results that are sought, because in the majority of cases the seeds do not achieve take good root and so would be bald or spaces without the presence of the beautiful green mantlethat they will immediately damage the image that you want to show home garden and must be taken into account that the garden is one of the most important points regarding the presence of home, so the solution to avoid jobs that do not achieve the result that is sought in the majority of cases, is Installing sod, that as mentioned previously are layers or plates full of already-grown grass and in perfect condition, which are extracted from the ground, with the ideal characteristics to grow the best lawn. In terms of the process of obtaining of the sod, is performed with a cutting machine special, you can make the cut in the form of long strips or in tabular form, at the time of be wound adding them substrates full of nutrients that potentiates the process which take root on the ground which were definitely planted. You must bear in mind that the sod that are chosen should be suitable for each lot, as proper planting and good results depend largely on terrain, conditions of this and also the climate that is handled, because there are different sod which respond in a better way if they are in the Sun or in the shade or can grow in both conditions or that they can grow more than others, if that is what the buyer is looking for from the sod, is therefore good to get advice before making the choice of the sod. Regarding the work of the installation, on many occasions the same company selling the installer, but where it is not the case the task is very simple, must first point out that they should be planted as soon as possible, to prevent from drying post who are not receiving nutrients from the Earth and the effect of the substrate is only temporaryso the first thing is to clean the area where you will be planted the sod, then till the soil and paid, ideal is that the soil is uniform, if not so, must extend a layer of soil that turn to level all terrain, after this begins the installation of the sod, whether they are into strips or planks, the spaces between each sod they should be filled with sand or peat then becomes pressure field, either with the part flat rake or some tool that allows us to perform this task, as well as the sod are installed from lawn, then they must perform tasks of care such as irrigation and spraying of fertilizers; Perhaps the only drawback that present the sod, is the cost, but in other respects they are much more effective. Original author and source of the article