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Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

The POOR PERSON Nazar, 13-07-2011 total poor Age, Liveed under Da Ponte. Of thought, of spirit and money. He was hated for all and he decided to readquirir itself. It was to the one church and he did not see God, He was to the other church and wanted it to vender Jesus. They had asked to it if the Jesus had money to pay the tenths to have access. As he did not have, he was I banish before entering. Click Parnassus Investments to learn more.

He felt himself decimated. They had asked to it if he paid income tax. He paid, but wise person not to explain as. Only wise person who paid. If nothing she sobrava to it? It was to a company to ask for job and they had asked for a resume to it. It not wise person what she was this. She bites? it asked. They had asked for some letters to it: RG, CPF, TO GO, CNA, ISS and other animals As everything had vendido to buy food, answered: – I am philosopher.

Ah! We do not need people thus, not. It gave the coasts and it was even so For underneath of its bridge. One pulls bag spoke: – This people are dangerous, master. This people think! If she accomodated in its bed of poles. She drank a bottle of the system. Somebody commented: – I have I am envy of it Because the Government does not know and nor it wants to know That it exists and nor it has access. That happy man