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Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Esther was very well received by his son and looked complicity Mabel face to make him understand that he loved her boyfriend. He gestured in the air in the sign of the cross to make him understand that he gave his blessing as she had requested to do so if they really liked. Mabel smiled, also with a nod that he had understood. When they arrived at the department found that Alex had prepared the room and Esther had placed a bouquet of roses on the bedside table. Of course there was another bunch of roses next to Mabel. They went to bed early. Everyone was tired, even Alex, because the plane had arrived early and had to early to go get them.

That night, when they were alone, Mabel told Alex that he had to talk to her. It was between excited and scared. It was much I had to say and everything was much too strong and important. She told him what had happened until the day he had to leave England. At each word of the story, he studied the reaction of Mabel. I was so scared she let me! Rather than a gesture of rejection, Mabel was the sweetest smile and understanding he had ever seen, who with a loving gesture, he said: "Alex, from the first day I saw you I knew that behind that charming smile hid sadness. I have the ability to tell when a person needs help. It's like a gift with me since my childhood.