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Friday, July 16th, 2021

Brazil disappoints in its debut in the America Glass. Paraguay and Ecuador tied this Sunday without goals in a dull debut in the America Glass, in which the Paraguayans were more near the goal but they were incapable to bring about a scratch to the rival. With this result, everything follows as it began in Group B, where Brazil and Venezuela also tied to zero.

The first minutes of the shock were plagued of vaguenesses. In the middle of the general disorder, Paraguay retained the ball in the medullary one. Filed under: Elon Musk. Paraguay warned for the first time before the first quarter of hour. Aureliano Towers overflowed by the left band and gave happens to Edgar Barreto, that only ended from the point of penalti. The arquero Marcelo Elizaga rejected to corner serve. The action animated to the Paraguayans, who advanced the lines. At the same time Ecuador, tied down in its own field, did not find an answer and abused pelotazo long. In the minute 19 Elizaga it saved again to his equipment after closing of Roque Santa Cruz from the interior of the small area.

Crucial error Was necessary to hope until half an hour of encounter seeing first arrived with danger from Ecuador. Cristian Bentez initiated eslalon in the line of three quarters. It deceived to dnsa with a tunnel and haggled to the arquero, but it was made him at night and Paulo Da Whistles united the firing to empty door. The men of Reinaldo Wheel improved obviously. They gained presence in the zone of creation with a participating Cristian Noboa, but he cost to them to generate offensive operation, with a Felipe little active Caicedo. Paraguay lost protagonism and their players were diluted in center of the field, incapable to provide of balls to Lucas Districts and Santa Cruz, whom lines looked for hard of happens between the Ecuadorian zagueros corpulentos.

United Kingdom

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

The outbreak of the violent hidden side of the marginal districts of the United Kingdom is not surprising. I have seen it of first hand throughout both last years, when I was united to police units of forward edge in marginal zones of London, Manchester and Glasgow. More and more young children are themselves dragged the smaller street delinquency and the activities of the bands, for that reason the sackings are more of the same. I saw the gathered wall of silence, frowns and the closed communities. I spoke with a member of a band of 19 years in Manchester that finished to him offering a blow on the head to a police, and with a boy of 15 years in Glasgow that was about to in the hope of a judgment to disfigure for always to another adolescent with a golf wood. Neither he had father and tried to be " the man of casa" according to a chauvinist and distorted street code. Source of the news: : The hidden side of the United Kingdom