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Silent Subliminal Messages

Saturday, November 10th, 2018

Silent Subliminal messages are telling you what you think. The messages themselves are not silent, they are simply low frequency. To listen to a Silent Subliminal messages need to be fully alert and open to what the message says. Silent Subliminal Messages were patented in 1989, you can search online to find out more about this information. It is almost as difficult to understand is that people have used this type of message a long time, of course, without knowing that they had received this kind of subliminal messages, but is only just starting to talk about these kinds of messages subliminal. People are just getting to know about Silent Subliminal messages. The reason why this kind of messages have been ignored is because many people can listen to these messages without the knowledge, and that as they are at low or high frequency do not hear what they say these messages.

This type of message is often mixed into MP3 files though of course the sound is almost nil. These messages also mixed CD’s and cassettes. Some singers like Marilyn Manson to name a good example, put your message in the CD’s which if you get to listen carefully to understand exactly what is being said. In early 1990, before Marilyn Manson was cool, an artist named King Diamond put subliminal messages in their albums in which he admitted that he believed in the black book. He did not want to be banned in any country, then what we did was to ensure that the subliminal messages were silent, this way only a few fans came to hear their Silent Subliminal messages. It is somewhat disturbing that in a world where free expression is already very large and common in our time, there are people who have to use Silent Subliminal to release their feelings.