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Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

Water extract of the fruit – reduces inflammation, used for rinsing sore throat – killing some microbes use for rinsing the mouth with an unpleasant smell – as a diaphoretic, diuretic and laxative agent: 2 tablespoons fresh strawberries make a cup of boiling water, 30 minutes in a thermos, strain and take half a glass before a meal. Nike can aid you in your search for knowledge. Infusion of leaves – used inside a total loss of strength – used inside with uterine bleeding and excessive menstruation, childhood diarrhea and as a diuretic means – normalizes blood pressure and metabolism, soothes the liver – administered orally for asthma and bronchitis – externally in the form of enemas, and washing with use of bleeding and inflamed hemorrhoids – in the form of local baths, lotions and poultices used to treat bleeding wounds – a poultice of fresh and dried leaves of impaired liver pain, rheumatic pain, dental pain – fresh and dried leaves are steamed, applied to purulent wounds and long-standing ulcers, well they clean up of pus and promote faster healing of them. Infusion of flowers of strawberries consumed in heart disease. Infusion of roots used in diseases of strawberry serdtsa.Komu contraindicated Strawberries? Please note: the allergen! Strawberry is a potent allergen. People prone to allergies, you should reduce the consumption of strawberries, or drink it in any cultured milk product.

In severe cases should be abandoned consumption of strawberries sovsem.S caution should be used strawberries pregnant women and children. Contraindication to the consumption of strawberries is the increased secretion of gastric juice, long-term gastric and renal colic, appendicitis. With hypervitaminosis should be wary of klubnike.Kak choose and store strawberries? How to freeze strawberries? It is best to have freshly strawberries. Especially good Strawberry collected early in the morning or in cold weather. At room temperature, the strawberries should be stored only for several hours. If there was a strawberry mold, it quickly moves from one fruit to another.

Keep berries Strawberry better unwashed. If you do not plan to eat the berries right away, put them in a dish with a wide bottom, no more than three layers, cover with foil on top and refrigerate. When buying strawberries, look, that there was a strong berry and with a good red stalks. If the pedicle is removed, berry loses vitamin C. Wash the strawberries must be in running water, without breaking the peduncles. otherwise the water will penetrate the berry and it razmyaknet. To freeze strawberries, it should be arrange on a tray. Already frozen berries can be put together, better in small portions, so as defrosted strawberries are re-frozen. Frozen strawberries can be stored for about 6 months. But frozen strawberries while defrosting limp, becomes razmyakshey. Why is this happening? The water accumulated in the berries, while defrosting breaks the skin of the fruit. For this reason, frozen strawberries, use as a rule, not seamless, and crushed. In this case, you can freeze mashed potatoes at once: make the strawberry puree, add the powdered sugar (100-200 g sugar per 1 kg of berries), freeze in plastic containers. If you do not like the taste of thawed berries, make a strawberry jam.

Treatment Of Depression

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Home Depression interested in the topic of mental health, I pushed the overheard dialogue between the two schoolgirls in years 7-8. It was a Friday, I picked up her granddaughter from school and heard the following: talking to two friends – "You go to a birthday today? – No, responds the other, I was depressed. It was made proudly with pressure, apparently familiar word, it sounds at home. I remembered myself at that age, my friends, who among us knew that word? Asked his granddaughter, it turned out that she is familiar with this word, when it's bad mood and did not want to do. More, more. It turned out that some kids go to a psychologist, some take drugs. The problem of children's level of humor become a medical and social problem.

There will be no secret that we are all adults and children living in conditions of constant stress, being accustomed to a daily list of casualties in terrorist acts or in car catastrophes. Statistics of diseases associated with stress has been steadily increasing. All sorts of phobias (fears), neuroses, depression, became commonplace in the practice of not only medical specialists, but also a family doctor. And what is depression? Well, first of all, depression – is not just bad, depressed mood. It is human nature to experience feelings and emotions that we call negative – sadness, despair, depression, sadness.

Life is not worth in place – we grieve and rejoice, weep and laugh, in other words – live. In general, despite the mood swings in one direction or another, his average is usually kept at a mark, which we call "normal." Depression – is primarily a disease in which the depressed mood can last a long time – weeks, months and sometimes years. I do not want to go into the medical aspects of the biochemical processes taking place in the brain and are responsible for our emotions. The pharmaceutical industry has recently made tremendous strides in the medical management of our emotions. Districts are safely discharged to their patients tranquilizers, antidepressants, sleeping pills. After some time, patients come back asking to change the treatment, as previous therapy has ceased to provide the desired result. Selected other drugs, sometimes stronger. It takes time to adapt the organism is generally expected to effect only after 21 days, or even a month. But most importantly – the number of patients needing protivodepressivnoy therapy constantly increasing. The case method was introduced to "IMPERIAL chronopuncture." The method was so simple: do not require the presence of a doctor was easy to use. Unwittingly crept into suspicion, not whether another Advertising duck? Being not only a physician with 35 years experience, but also a skeptic by nature, decided to get acquainted with the method of "IMPERIAL chronopuncture" in more detail. I do not know what conclusion I would come, if not the situation in the family when method of "Imperial chronopuncture" against depression had to try after other techniques and drugs are not given the desired effect. I do not like loud utterances, such as – a miracle cure-all, and so on, but after two-session condition was stable: all the symptoms were the depressive state, developed a taste for life and activity, the smile on his face and everything else that we have not seen for a long time, despite aggressive treatment. Now I as a physician and as just a man who sees the amazing results, I can safely recommend for adults and children a unique technique of "IMPERIAL chronopuncture" in the treatment of depressive states. e-mail: