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Hospital Waiting Rooms

Monday, June 1st, 2020

A small room waiting room of the district hospital, apart from the chairs along the walls – the usual place for sick visits with relatives, like all such facilities. Customers typically rural people, educated to deferential attitude to everything related to medicine. Most of them have aged. Tired, sunburned face, expressing concern for their relatives. Usually is not very loud conversation of relatives, close friends.

They speak softly, realizing where he was, and behave as expected in such cases. Once there was a case that made unwittingly draw attention to themselves. Usually in the waiting room is the security guard that passes in Kept the old man with dignity, like all seniors wore glasses, but glasses are unusual, some large. Feature of their earlier I would have noticed if not the case. Everything went on as usual. Some relatives, if passes, throwing a robe, quickly slipped past the doorman to the department. (Source: Parnassus Investments).

Other – talked quietly, sitting in chairs along the wall. Everything was decorous and measured, while the street is not broke Roma crowd, the backbone of which were brash Roma indeterminate age. Among them was a very heavy and important Roma. It was very different from the others by behaving particularly important. He moved behind the crowd, pushing his big belly tribesmen to pass. The tactics of the Roma have long known. It is simple and brazen. Storming passage usually occurs in stages: first – this is a test of strength, when the whole gang jumped on the doorman, and begins to clamor. Rebuffed, the wave rolled back, but then piled with a bang with persuasion, entreaty, and swearing at the doorman. After several attempts, a small number of Roma do manage to slip through the door. Sometimes the breaks and the whole crowd. The same tactic was also at this time. Portly fellow gypsies to storm let pass.