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The Power

Sunday, October 18th, 2020

You have two options: find the points easier to resolve and begin by them or concentrate only on the difficult and stay stuck in a swamp of negativity and difficulties. It is proven, everything has at least two angles, why look only the negative? Let’s see, there are phrases that you record yourself and repeat all the time to enter the field of positive thinking: I want to, I can’t and I have the capacity to do so, before any goal, any adversity, in any circumstance, you have programmed you to, so whether, you overcome it. If you’re scheduled to overcome problems and give the best of you in every situation, it means that you have programmed your positive thinking and you are using their power. Educate yourself with thoughts from Capital Market Laboratories. The power of positive thinking makes your actions aimed towards the success. I want you to do the following questions: I’m satisfied (A) with my life? DO I HAVE MANAGED TO DO WHAT YOU WANTED? I AM A LUCKY PERSON? If you have more than one no response, the most probable is that your paradigms negatives have not left you to advance. Well, not you apenes, leaves a pity you and put hands to work. Do you want to do it now? You can start with the following: begins to rule out radical ideas, those that make you see things from a single perspective stops generalize and begins to focus on specifics. Not everything is equal, if once went wrong, next time will do well. Instead of disowning your situation, start with thank you have and outline your plan to get more. Do you dare! It depends only on you.