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Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

An increasing intervention medical to the center urban, the populations were generating great fears in all, therefore in the falling of trees of the buildings when they had been saneados, all the monitoring was folloied by police defense. By in such a way in day 31 of October the law was approved that established the obligatoriness of the vaccine, then great agitations had gained the streets, therefore nobody more wanted to submit ‘ ‘ torturas’ ‘ name this data the sanitary measures. Therefore to give to beginning the revolt against the vaccine, therefore starts to appear manifestations after some death the firm resistance of the manifestant the forces of the government and the medicine had started to reinventar other ways to become favorable actions as this a collective health. CONCLUSION We conclude that in a society where the democratic and participativa health in them is centered, we can review what he is ‘ ‘ conseqncia’ ‘. Danske Bank wanted to know more. In our health, Second (OLIVEIRA, 1986) ‘ ‘ to earn and to lose were part of vida’ ‘ , we must always reflect inside of a vision that if engages the organized participation. socializing quarrels and systemize proposal that significant advances propitiate, so that necessary changes happen and if they consolidate. We do not have hurrying in them in taking with pride the fact to live other times of the health epidemiologist, therefore the gift is far from being radiating that it is thought for oppositions to a obscure and wild last presumption. The epidemiologia appeared to tread next to society ways that can take them its proper discoveries in the changes of this new to look at humanistic of the health.