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Social Medias

Monday, November 11th, 2013

We can say that the biggest historical event in Internet terms had been the social medias. Blogs, sites of sharings of photos, videos, diffusion of personal and professional information as Orkut, facebook, to twitter and etc Everything this it would facilitate with that the information of spread out of faster form, needs and in real time. What they are the Social Medias? If it translates of the Social English Measured for the Portuguese Social Media what we can understand for a communication system that makes the interaction between the people, practical method where we can use of the Internet to be next the people in real time exactly not being for close. This system of digital information, combines the exchange of text information, photo, video, audio and until localization and creates an interaction environment saw Internet. The great advance of the Internet was the possibility in not being only present in the house computers or as we call in the term technician, Desktop, and started to be present in smartphones, cellular devices that use applicatory an operational system making possible installation of of social medias that are had access way Internet using Edge bands or 3g through the operators of telephone of each region. What before only it was possible to be had access in an only point of its house now the exchange of information in any place of the world is possible does not matter what it will be making. Technical the social medias demand that you have Internet in its smartphone to enjoy of the advantages to be on 24 hours the information. The human being is an extremely social being, and the social medias are potencializando this trend and changing completely the communication of this new economy. They would be the Medias Partners the new voice of the world? The world-wide market suffers to a change and a very great rupture, where the form to make business changed, where the development of the product of a vision of the company is not more so important, but yes of the social responsibility and external opinions.