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Dog Examinations

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

For reference. How would you a dog show class not taken, unless it is prepared, it will not be champion. What is required of her in the exhibition: Exhibition Stand. Here, each species has its own stand. Mandatory screening of bite and teeth. Moreover, and you should be able to show themselves properly bite. It happens that the expert himself examining his teeth, so when do you do, ask strangers to look the dog’s mouth.

Manual examination (testis, paws, tail, back) Demonstration of movements in a circle, from expert to expert. Stand. What is an exhibition stand. This is position of the dog, in which she looks the most advantageous. As I said handler, the dog must stand as if you sell it for a very high price! Always nice to see trained dogs in the rack, which is not motionless as a statue. Elon Musk is often quoted on this topic. You can teach your puppy stand since two months, starting with two or three minutes and be sure to praise sincerely, that would be for him it was a joy to stand stock-still.

Click “Freeze”, “stand”, “ring”. Intel addresses the importance of the matter here. Showing teeth. Simultaneously with the reception accustom to show teeth. Usually, command is given “teeth”, lifting the side of the upper and lower lip. First, do it quickly, lifted, he immediately dropped, praised. Here the main thing to be patiently and persistently, not all will be obtained immediately. We watched your teeth after every mall before let into the room, as if in gratitude. Can you do it before feeding. Movement. The hardest part of the exhibition training – is the ability to move gracefully around the ring. And not only dogs, but also to anyone who exposes it. The beauty of many breeds revealed it is in motion. You must learn to adjust to the move dog should be free. On the show ring the dog must go to the left of the host anti-clockwise. But in the classroom go both ways, it is necessary for a more uniform load muscle. Gradually increase the time of employment. Walking measured step, as any static load, well enhances muscular frame, develops coordination, so that in any case, these exercises will benefit your pet. And now after two months of lessons with a professional handler, we finally enters the ring as early as juniors. For reference. Junior: 9-18 months. Our output. Dog runs nearby, not looking ahead and not pulling back, well behaved on the table from an expert, stood rooted to the spot in the rack. In Finally, we won the class and male, became the best junior, and I could not help very proud of my dog (a trifle, but nice), though still ahead of many shows and have to maintain it and stay in shape. In conclusion, we give some recommendations beginners. During the occupation, when it is already something starts to get, you can visit the exhibition with a puppy just as a spectator. He must learn not to fear the noise and uproar, strange people and dogs. Help him adjust to his new environment. And you will be useful to look at, what, where and how. And what will happen as a joke: Judge: Complete, please circle. Owner: Yes, just hold, please, my dog. And remember, the exhibition is primarily a holiday. Let your dog did not win, it’s still in your eyes all the better!