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Analysis Of The Economic Mindset

Friday, November 9th, 2018

We analyze our economic way of thinking, responding to a particular type of logic, but there are other models that will be necessary to take into account to solve problems that affect us. Insist on an economic policy that seeks to create jobs is wrong, no sense and only responds to a momentum of thought and politics. We need further analysis because, as Einstein said “we can not find solutions to the problematic with the same ideas that led to.” Around the theme of the Basic Income canards are thrown trachea extending the media to discredit this item on the basis of making him a caricature. a It is not new. Already Karl Marx had to leave the arena of debate, not to discuss their theories, which were often not read by his detractors, but to deny and to step out of fables, which were scattered by the company, as the communism which aimed to share the women bound and socialize. At least we are aware of how our psychology in society.

Let the gentle reader who uses a personal experience I think is very instructive to understand what I explain. When my daughter Daira had three or four years, was in the park of San Francisco (Leon) while I watched sitting on a bench, I guess reading or taking notes. Anyway, my daughter began to mourn and a half into a fight with another girl because she wanted her shovel and bucket.