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Monday, December 16th, 2019

No matter how many consultants hired, an organization can not be changed if it does not take action that seeks change. Any decision requires action, vision without action is merely a dream. The This economic crisis that began in the United States is not the result of chance, is the result of wrong decisions that began with raising the cost of property in this country and the little observation on the part of lenders when granting credit . Banks to support their loans, I think some instruments by way of bonds, backed by the mortgages of thousands and thousands of people who bought housing and bonds which in turn were sold to other financial institutions. When prices of these properties tended to lower the collapse began: People were paying for properties that are devalued and mortgage payments to banks were reduced.

The owners of the bonds sold to banks make more loans in good times began to sell to the highest bidder, at prices well below cost, losing its value and generating chaos. Financial institutions have panicked, consumer confidence has led to the recession, the loans were canceled, the things got out of proportion. The uncertainty of individuals and organizations about current events becomes fear. Fear and distrust are highly contagious emotions, fear took hold of the situation, despair and distrust made a killing, spreading like fire. The global financial situation invites us to face it with a large dose of creativity, determination, responsibility and decisive action. The situation there, is real, will not disappear simply by imagining that it is not. To know more about this subject visit Barclays. It’s time to stop, observe, people and organizations need to ask powerful questions: What can we do? Definitely not in the panic: OK: OK and resignation are not the same thing.

OK is the ability to act, observe reality in order to understand the real picture, resignation is the moment before death. You can always choose. Share: Learn all you can, look for reliable sources. Give information to your employees, your family, stay close. In the difficult times is when we need the people close to us and a boost of support. Observe and reflect: Observe yourself and your reactions, panic will not do any good. Be cautious in making decisions with money. Do you or your organization really need that you want to buy? In what ways can make your money more efficiently? How can provide better services to their customers to keep them? How can you ensure your work? Save: And decide where to put their money well. You may want to visit mozes victor konig to increase your knowledge. Surely under the Buddha or the mattress is not a good place. Drink responsibly: Reduce costs, eliminate those that are unnecessary. Crisis is only a word, a lens for seeing the world. People and organizations need to explore new possibilities, to act, not panic, take off the lens of the crisis and victim costume, wonder what today we do for our families, our organizations and our countries.