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Friday, March 10th, 2017

Well, suitcases ready, friends and girlfriend made a list of helpful tips and relatives already longingly gaze at your photo. In the near future you will be an unforgettable trip to Sweden, a country with the most interesting history, where you will find the mass of exciting adventures. Like any tourist, you have already made clear the route attractions to be visited, stocked all sorts of phrase books and maps, searched information about Sweden on the Internet. You have already learned how to say in Swedish, "hello" and "before the meeting." In general, you are now ready to do everything 100%. And to date you, dear tourist, that Sweden – a country shopping and design? After all, sure, you thought that to bring this country to relatives and friends. As not to offend anyone and buy what you need? To begin with, let's start with that part of your friends and relatives, who eagerly awaits Your return.

Of course, this lovely lady and the little mademoiselle. " It is useful to us an unwritten rule which states that any woman would be unspeakably happy beautiful brand clothing and accessories for less than perfect it. Swedish stores are full of well-known throughout the world clothing brands such as dsquared, D & G, armani, dior. In the Swedish capital, , is a huge network of boutiques and department stores where you can buy for reasonable money favorite things. Imagine the expression on his face your mom or girlfriend, when she would show off the beautiful dress! Just a great gift for the female half will be all kinds of lamps and crystal products.