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Velbert District Committee

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

Shortly after founding the community of interests the Velbert District Committee the proposal approved, the inner-city area of space at the MEDICUM”to call. A sign of wider political acceptance of the concept as well as the architectural implementation. After a year, S.Freitag notes that his expectations have met: urban planning is this central location in the city centre a in my view more as a successful ensemble. With the realization of the new building owner did it Dr.Krieger and the competent architects, for a total of four buildings MEDICUM complex to make a coherent architectural image in this field. Due to the central location in the pedestrian zone and the associated short distances it is managed this is at least my impression from the first year of operation to conduct additional frequencies of pedestrian in the pedestrian zone.

With the result that benefit the surrounding shops and retailers. At the same time this area could be filled by the settlement of a gas ton omen, independently of the physicians and health operating with urban life. Especially during the summer months the outdoor gastronomy offers a truly beautiful place to relax and enjoy. Overall, I am very satisfied with the development in this place so one-year birthday. In my opinion the MEDICUM VELBERT as competence center also very well by the people or the patient is assumed. This is me again and again in conversations with Velberter citizens and citizens or even the doctors of Medicum as Resonance counter installed. Both the doctors and the patients or citizens appreciate the wide range of medical services in a small space.

The idea behind the project, a medical services center ‘ to create in reality so proved. You can always many in advance about worry, how something should work. Afterwards, but always the test of reality is crucial ‘. The MEDICUM VELBERT has passed this test after one year with flying colors. “The establishment is full of the Velberterinnen and Velbertern have been accepted and furthermore I am.” Contact: Christine Julicher Julich marketing & advertising Schumannstrasse 1 42549 Velbert Tel.: 02051 967008 fax: 02051-967007 email: