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Friday, December 20th, 2019

It is called symbiosis, when the "clown fish" with its host anemone, keeps it clean and occasionally providing food in return he receives protection from potential predators. Viewed in this way is an ideal situation. But look from a totally objetivo.Realmente we thought about the true philosophy of this creature. One might wonder if it really tries to help or rather cooperate with the anemone. In principle we do not know for sure because it is immune to the poison of the anemone, but it is, and will benefit from it. Therefore clownfish This time I intend to talk about the "Clown Fish." Surely many of you what you've seen in any of the TV reports.

It's that little fish who lives in an anemone, protected from predators and somehow hospedador.Pues favor to his right, looking searching I found several examples in our lives cotidiana.Veamos really that, or better yet, who is the "Clown Fish If we examine from the point of view of nature, we find that works in the that the anemone is often not known to have a tenant who benefits from ella.Veamos a practical example that will surely understand mejor.1. The enchufao not always well understood that the plug. "Arises from the really good person with the support of someone, without giving anything in return? No, there is always someone to protect you and this person may be more or less conscious of his protege. This will make the life of his benefactor is more comfortable, will be his doormat for whatever you want to send.