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Center Districts

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Downtown districts must spend sums in the six-figure range for Park cleansing / Friedrichshain Kreuzberg district leads cost list / burdens for districts rise Berlin, June 4, 2012. A survey of the Berlin campaign Trenntwende shows: the Park garbage causes the highest cost in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. the district had to spend 1.650 euro per hectare green space last year for collecting and disposal of waste in parks and recreational areas. That is significantly more than any other Berlin downtown districts for clean green areas had to spend. Basis for the survey is a survey of the Berlin Trenntwende campaign at the district offices of the city districts.

The full results, as well as an overview chart can interested read on the campaign website. There imaginative and active Berliners can register also for the great ideas and project competition of the Trenntwende. The organizers of the contest draw the best contributions to the Park garbage as well as waste separation and prevention with prizes worth a total of 9,000 euro out. Significant increase in waste issues all surveyed districts spend annually sums in the six-figure range for cleaning and waste disposal. Because more and more garbage in the Park and gardens are incurred the costs in recent years – Berlin-far.

The District of Treptow-Kopenick with only 600 euros per hectare green space is in second place in the list of costs. The District of Neukolln has the lowest cost. This pays only about 100 euros per hectares of greenery. The significant cost differences between the districts result in addition to the amount of waste especially due to the different composition of the financial burden. Some districts employ the personnel of offices of the green space for the collection and disposal of waste, or done this work through so-called MAE powers of the job Center. The leader of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, however, assigns these tasks to contractors.