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LernCoach Training

Friday, October 6th, 2023

Brain-friendly methods, to children, to help young people and adults in a few coaching appointments, to solve learning blockages, as well as to develop learning resources and testing strength offers LernCoach training NLP/nlpaed in Berlin-the LernCoach training. For optimizing learning processes in E.g. Basic and secondary schools, vocational schools, universities and adult education, the LernCoach training offers a multi-sensory versatility. Even with diagnoses such as LRS / clients computing weakness and add/ADHD can benefit from a complete and customized learning. The LernCoach training aimed at professionals in education, education, coaching, therapy and other learning interested people who want to create an additional qualification or a second source of income. LernCoachs can immediately be involved in freelance practice or institutions. The contents are in the preferably, counselling, prevention, etc.

can be used in workshops. Based on the neuro linguistic process (NLP) and the current neuro-scientific The learning is knowledge, resource -, solution – and target-oriented. The variety of methods will be supplemented from the Kinesiology, energy psychology, non-violent communication and relaxation techniques, and hypno systemic concepts. In Berlin, the LernCoach training in three blocks offered athree days so that the entry is possible at any time. The modules are also separately available. For those interested without NLP training a NLP taster offered advance economically – where the most important basics of NLP can be met. More information and appointments: or 030-20 06 95 18 login: Farida TLILI, place: Ralf Stumpf seminars, Jablonskistr 25, 10405 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg