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Friday, November 5th, 2021

We collect us thus artificially, using the illusion, to be close to the target, and demean anything other than the goals away and inferior. But this conviction, which we come to the other side of the enlightenment to yet subtly continues in us and ferment away, affects us just even. And we fall into the fallacy increasingly, nobody to help us, because it assumes that one is much further than everyone else, what therefore subordinate to it yes it and makes it useless for us. Have I so maneuvered me into this tangled situation, I have same desperate condition, which is also one, which so far feels itself enlightenment internally. Unless I me the idea is there, the goal is enlightenment, have I at my apparent separated being of it as well as others who do and thus continuously nourish my dissatisfaction. I find myself in isolation, in which this attitude of pride brings me and develop the feeling more and more, the world and the people have no more me To give. That the basic idea is enlightenment the target point of urging us, that it is good to be close to de enlightenment and it is again bad to be away, not to deny. That this is also the root of our discontent, to be many but not obvious, may seem perhaps not nearly comprehensible.

However, the correlations are actually quite obvious. One could say, where is possible to assess for us and we the measuring bar by applying good and bad first have, there is never a real gains for us, we remain the eternal loser. And related to our here this example, we can say: no matter whether we are at the beginning or just before the apparent target, our review has obviously always an unpleasant side effect. Therefore I tend in principle more and more to concepts that are not linear, so no beginning or an end, are not evaluating in terms of good and bad. But I give the room more concepts equivalent classify each experience, where every moment neither the beginning nor the end of matches, but for himself alone a unit that forms a perfection. Because a life is just not running off and arrive, but a never-ending cycle without starting and destination, somewhere a perpetual Angekommensein.

The circle represents the equivalence of every moment, every place and every human experience because in contrast to the line far more. In the district, there are neither at the beginning nor end, just simultaneity. “” At any position, at any point of the circuit I am, without a point of reference, consider me letting that I front or rear am or the right or wrong way, always on the right place”at the right place”and this is the absolutely right time”. Any moment, at any position is equally valuable and also itself quite complete in itself and in relation to all other moments and positions. By we the wholeness, the valuable, the Recognize beauty in everything, we deny the mutual review comparing and measuring, and we together find a good far of piece of more peace in our lives. And there is the suspicion of us then close, that enlightenment always takes place, that the journey is the reward