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Global Knowledge

Saturday, August 7th, 2021

Under these conditions development of a global and knowledge-intensive and technology, business organizations are in Venezuela, most of which are formed by small and medium enterprises of any family or business opportunities emerging from the circumstantial, usually with little capital investment and little information and knowledge of the scope of the business. Moreover, these organizational structures not well formalized processes related to technological innovation rely on one person, the owner or general manager. But as these businesses are developed, they extend their management efforts to achieve compliance with the requirements of the new strategic management processes, including the technology efforts that seek to maintain the growth and productivity.

Within this context, it is important to note that technology management in small Venezuelan firms should not only take into account the technological capacity utilization existing, but must give attention to developing those skills which focus on the faults are considered to be taken, and therefore deemed necessary to serve them in the most appropriate and relevant technological requirements. Arguably, then, that technology management is a supportive role in the learning process for any company, be it small, medium or large, long as you use the information from the environment to ponder their skills and achieve their goals. First, the technology is used in applications that does not compete with existing products normally used to provide benefits without creating controversy. Second, technology is driving the replacement of working methods to enhance customer value, this phase usually causes major social technology. In the end, the stage of technology as a truly innovative way, providing goods and services to solve novel problems that previously had no solution to meet the needs indoctrinates.