Stiftung Warentest April

According to the Stiftung Warentest must the knapsack ‘ in packed condition not more than ten percent of the Weigh weight of effort ‘. Take your child and at best a few books and try out locally with your child the comfort. So, you can take into consideration wishes and your child at the same time show that also the comfort is extremely important. Best of the Scout has cut off easy II compared with 12 other models (Stiftung Warentest April 2009). It is not something Reebok would like to discuss. 2. not too much shopping in advance! Many parents tend to buy lessons accessories (understandably) to advance here and there. But in books, pins, stains, etc., it is advisable to wait for the information sheets of the respective school.

Each school has its own standards and experience. The Guide and instructions in the classroom run this more fluid and prevent questioning faces and missing parts. Finally, all children should have same requirements. Also, it saves you duplicate purchases and protects the account. 3. the way to school! The accompaniment to the school is particularly significant for the child in the first few days. Many of the school or the way is to the bus with the path to the Links work, others can be reached on foot. So your child feels safe on the road and not be distracted on the way to school can be, it is recommended with the little bullies always walking the path (local references such as street signs for orientation, kiosk, supermarket) to explain everything clearly and pointing to possible danger zones (traffic lights, crosswalks, curb balancing etc.).

Treat this point with the necessary caution and urgency – but not trap the children with your excessive care. Introduce your child carefully. It is also fun and the new life didn’t begin with fear and anxiety. 4. homework and bag Pack! Homework should be the first time looked after and in a bright, quiet environment without TV, radio, phone chatter, loud place siblings & co.

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