Spirit Small

The organizacionais evidences show that the way as God guided the organization of all nation of Israel in the desert, remains as a method inconfundvel for its efficiency and objetividade. Joshua; the successor of Moiss, Jesus; during Its ministry, the primitive church and the adventistas pioneers, also, had made use of this methodology. The understanding of these four beddings is of extraordinary importance for the subsistence of the small groups, but also, the knowledge of the reasons, and the intentions, this ministry is essential. The reasons answer to the following question: Why to make? It observes to follow five persuasivas reasons to implant the ministry of the small groups: 1. Plan of God.

It is designated in such a way in the Old one as in the New Will, and also in the Spirit of Prophecy. It is, without a doubt, the plan of God for Its Church in the Time of the 2.Facilita Fim.5 the Pasturing. The traditional model to shepherd is inefficacious to take care of to all the necessities of a pastoral district with average of 8 1,000 churches and membros.6 Without the structure of the small groups, the task, the pasturing becomes impossible. 3.O Priesthood is of All the Believers. In the Sinai, God established Israel officially as a kingdom of priests, 7 in the New Will, renewed Its promise and delegated the priesthood for all crentes.8 Therefore, the priesthood is not responsibility and privilege only of the commanded ministers, ' ' to each one its workmanship was determined, and nobody can substitute outrem' ' .9 4.Fomos Created To live in Community. We were generated with the trend and desire of living in intense communion and proximity with God and ones with the others, however, the sin stained and modified this relation. Soon, it consists, in all the Holy Writs, the revelation of the plan of God to restore the community and to reestabelecer the communion of the man with God and its next one.


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