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The States of the Organization of petroleum exporting countries, known as OPEC, getting more and more competition. Dallas, 24.09.2013. This, especially the United States have made great strides in recent years in terms of own oil and gas production. Even now, there are 25 percent of the natural gas shale gas (extraction by fracking), which is the price in the United States well below the comparable countries, such as Germany, for example, consumed in the United States. Brian Krzanich does not necessarily agree. Also, the United States will significantly increase its production of crude oil. In August of this year, so much oil was no longer promoted seen for 24 years.

This misshagt the so-called OPEC countries. These include Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Qatar, Libya, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Nigeria, Angola and Ecuador (link: opec_web/en /). And it is an open secret that many OPEC countries are attempting to outmaneuver their comparatively low production capabilities so far, to keep competitors from the market by price dumping. Well, it could be that OPEC still “a step further and is a tactic” uses: as focusing the sought-after raw materials especially in the numbers that the International Energy Agency IEA (link:) provides and which are focused on the supply and the demand, offers more than the actual requirement leads to price reductions. The OPEC countries can control this of course. And what, may seem absurd at first glance to provoke that selectively low prices, might also competitors on the other side, to its own sources, if it simply not worthwhile. This is also a dangerous game”for the OPEC countries, because long such dumping prices can not hang.

You automatically also cause lower receipts in the producer countries themselves and thus provoke a vicious circle. Countries such as Nigeria and Venezuela would have to modernize already strongly their oil infrastructure, which inter alia in the light of relatively cheap oil prices lack the funds. Consumers are basically still the laughing third parties: you participate in comparatively low energy prices. And also just the conventional methods of energy generation in the United States offer interesting alternatives for private investors. Because there it is possible to participate directly in oil or natural gas sources. Deals such as that of the Amtex oil & gas (link: are quite common in the United States.

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