Satchel Requirements

Back padding, Regendichtheit, resilience, security and comfort bags must meet many requirements in Germany, there is a DIN for satchel. This DIN 58124 holding the safety criteria, which have to meet. In this DIN, for example, guidelines regarding the back padding, Regendichtheit, resistance, have arrested security and comfort. Therefore, a satchel on his back should be so padded that no pressure points occur. In heavy rain or when parking in a 1 cm deep puddle not more than 10 g should enter water in the Interior. We all know that satchel even be thrown in the corner through intensive strength tests will be rehearsed during the drop test of the emergency. And so the bags can be worn comfortably, the shoulder straps should be at least 40 mm wide and the top-mounted carrying handle at least 80 mm long. These points are met by most.

However, the vital point of the DIN 58124 is the safety in road traffic. The front and Side surfaces must be equipped with retro-reflective material (usually silver shimmering foil) according to DIN to at least 10%. In addition, 20% of the front and sides of a Schulranzens must be equipped with fluorescent material (mostly Orange fabric). Are not all the DIN 58124 criteria, they may be sold as DIN-compatible. All school bags of brand Scout (except E1nser and style series) meet these criteria and are identified in our online shop in the name of the article as such.

To the requirements of DIN, parents have often have legitimate claims on the size, the weight and the interior layout. It is important to buy the child a really appropriate bags. Depending on the size and stature of the offspring, the different models should be tried and tested in the shop. Lace up the shoulder belts? It pushes on the back? This blocks the view can see the child when looking around in road traffic over the satchel? Des This should be not too difficult further. Therefore all manufacturers strive to save a few grams for each model. But you should also bear in mind that any savings in material can go often to the detriment of quality and stability. Therefore, the motto is: children who drift much move, sports and outdoors, also a fully packed bags can do any harm. And last but not least creates a well-thought-out interior order and helps the children to organize themselves. Sufficiently large side pockets are an important feature to avoid soaked notebooks and books.

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