Ristorante Bepi

1 In 15 minutes of train you will arrive to the island of Venice. We have a train every 5 minutes approximately. Transportation: We have already discussed how to reach the island of Venice but once on the island how do we move? No doubt the method cheaper is on foot, Venice is not as large as it seems, and you can tour the island on foot. There are however other methods such as the Vaporetto (boat bus) with 10 different lines, some climbing and others that fall by the Grand canal, other than going to other islands such as for example the island of Murano and others that pass through around the island, all at a price of approx. 6.Also have Barcas-Taxi at a minimum price of 8.70 i finally the Traghetti, they cross from one side to another of the Grand Canal by 0.50. Language: The luck that we have is that Italian and Spanish languages are very similar, in addition many Venetians live off tourism and proficient in several languages, there is no problem to understand you. Eat in Venice: Venetian cuisine is based on good seafood, game and vegetables. We believe that you ideally eat anything at noon and keep visiting.

We’ve eaten by 5 per person, it can be a piece of pizza or sandwiches that make them very good and then have more copiously, dined in the city of Mestre, quietly, in a very good seafood restaurant (Ristorante Bepi) by 20-25 per person. In Venice it is expensive to eat but you also move and find, if out of the District of St. Mark’s square can eat well or have a good coffee and nothing expensive. For example, the famous coffee or cappuccino in the Piazza San Marco, pay 6 and 8.5 respectively in change in another district will pay to 0.90 cents coffee and 1.20 cappuccino taking you in bar.

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