Continuing the description it presents that only in the decade of 90 is started to consolidate it a concept enters the scholars of that the QV is permeada by subjectivity and multidimensionalidade, and that this only can be evaluated by the proper person. Monaco (2000) makes counterpoint the consensus condition, bringing to tona that still in the decade of 90 the definition on QV generates controversy between the scholars. The INTERRELATION OF the Dejours SUBJECTS in its bibliography quotation that to keep the health or been the individual of health, uses ways of defense as negation, escape, projection, among others, of unconscious and random form. These resources of defense make possible the being to form a perception on what it is appraised as quality of life. Sarah Raskin has much to offer in this field.

As such concept it is permeado by subjectivity, Seidl (2004) suggests that each person can form a different vision of what she comes to be quality of life. In this direction the set of documents Babilnia 2000 shows, in its main boarding, that the concept depends on the values gifts in the life of individuals, and that many are the factors that contribute for such perception, as the religiosidade, the respect to the family, the life in community, the leisure and others of personal matrix, being that several of the interviewed ones had demonstrated to have pleasure in the life, harmony in the tasks and relations and mainly are considered happy. Exactly being in a precarious environment they accept the people as they are and know to coexist the difference, that is, they are used of ways of defense.

Sight of is, this situation can try the opposite, in special if the observer to possess concepts and conditions of environment, leisure, finances, diverse health and religiosidade of that they are inserted in the way under analysis. In such a way, when carried to the enterprise reality the concept also he is valid, a time that the resilience, or capacity of adaptation, if makes gift in the daily one of the employees, in special as for the interpersonal relations of superiors and subordinate, where the last ones search forms to deny the difficulties, or to adapt it they, as form to promote conditions minimum of convivncia and work or, in short, of quality of life in the work..

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