Relief For Your Wallet

Get whopping discount benefits with the premium finance card. Hamm, in August 2010: many like the situation perfectly to know – you want to work quickly in the supermarket a few small purchases make. But no later than at the box office of “small shopping” as no longer quite turns out to so small. For a few products they have issued often more they themselves had to leave dream even remotely. Reason for that are the high retail prices, bringing many products with you. So chocolate that has been so evident for them is a luxury good, they can afford only still at the table.

This may be good for their character, but the idea to allow his favorite product, still sporadic hurts them in the soul. To provide a financial relief to consumers and their wallets, there are 2 possibilities. Either they no longer buy their favorite product. but would refrain from usually nobody, or but they just save quick and easy money when shopping, by whopping discounts them the premium finance card provides. The premium finance card is your personal advantage with which they are granted with numerous partner companies enormous perks and discounts – and the permanent. You will receive your personal advantage card (available in the noble black or gold) in credit card format as a member.

On presentation of the card they receive a direct discount at our partner companies on your purchase. Of course you can save also comfortably from home, helped online shopping or for example in the book the holiday simply specify the member number and your discount will be deducted directly from the total amount of the Bill. As premium finance card, can they also services benefit owners, you will hardly find in this form. So the card exclusive services around the subject of Finance offers. These include including mediation by DSL & phone connections, placement of current accounts, free electricity and gas cost comparisons, arranging cell phone contracts including mobile (even without Schufa information) and much more.

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