Rare Situations

Obesity is usually caused by bad habits in diet and sedentary lifestyle. There are also situations of our daily lives in which we commit certain excesses that pass us the account year-end, when we have a beautiful tyre poking our belly. Below are four of these situations obesity has many causes, some of them are disorders of food, boredom, social causes, causes psychological and other diseases. Mental Health Monday follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Causes of obesity 1 causes social eating food when he attends social events, example: meals enforced during events, pressure from peers, and official meetings. Causes of obesity 2 – causes emotional eating to avoid boredom, fatigue, depression, stress, tension, loneliness and anger. Causes of obesity 3 causes situational eating according to the situation, for example when eating when you spend outside an ice cream shop or restaurant, eating while you’re watching television only as an aggregate of fun. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cigna and gain more knowledge..

4 Exogena obesity causes causes eating due to physical causes physiological or medical. damage or tumor brain, bulimia nervosa, diabetes mellitus Kleine Levin syndrome are some of the causes of obesity exogena. Any solutions to the problem of the obesity Exogena for preventing obesity exogena, the first thing you should do is not eat every moment, a good idea is to develop alternatives to eat when necessary. Others who may share this opinion include Reade Griffith. In social contexts we can avoid eating foods with the excuse of illness, routine diet or treatment, if you’re impusivo to eat you can eat salads, or very small portions. To avoid eating for emotional situations, listen to music, read books, talk with friends, playing games (nintendo, playstation) or practice sports, situational causes can be avoided only by dedication and desire.

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