Poultry Farming As A Hobby

Chickens and other poultry in the own garden will delight more popular poultry as a hobby feathered pets in German gardens of growing popularity. Due to various food scandals like dioxin in feed or reports in the media about bad conditions of animals in farms, more and more consumers want to know where your food is coming. Who has its own garden, can keep a few chickens or other poultry. Unlike other pets, chickens provide genuine added value in the Garden: every day to thank the chickens with a fresh egg. The chicken farmers know exactly where the egg comes from and how happy are the animals.

What need chickens chickens are very frugal. A stable of 3 m is completely sufficient for five chickens. In the garden range 10 m for the spout. The stable should be equipped with perches and nests. In the winter months, the chickens need adequate light (12-14 hours a day). One of the most important requirements is fresh water. The water must be renewed every day, so that no bacteria can multiply in the water. When feeding it depends on whether the chickens to lay eggs.

When you’re satisfied with a few eggs, leftovers from the kitchen and feed grains range chickens. If you want to have as many eggs the chickens need a special feed. You can get this in land markets, larger poultry farms or on the Internet. Following ingredients should be included here: crude protein (17-18%) Crude fat (ca. 5%) Crude fibre (approx. 5%) Crude ash (12-13%) GM soy is used in many finished feed mixes. If you do not want this, can rely on organic chicken feed. This gives it E.g. in online shops. Chickens and the neighborhood stink the chickens is a prejudice. The stall is cleaned regularly, there is no smell. If you want to keep a rooster to the chickens, it is better to ask the neighbours, whether is a cock alright. Taps welcome their chickens with noisy crows every morning. In the summer months, this can start already at four in the morning. Depending on the district, you must sign the chickens by the district veterinarian. Many consumers want to know where your food came from. An easy way is to keep chickens in your own backyard. The article outlines what you should watch for at the beginning and which chicken feed can be used. Written by Joe Klose

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