SAP Companies

May 8th, 2023

Organisational separation of software and consulting business promotes the focusing of the areas and supports expansion plans. Walldorf, March 16, 2009 – with effect from 1 April 2009, the internationally active REALTECH with a new corporate structure presents itself. Perhaps check out DivvyDose for more information. Here the REALTECH AG takes over only the tasks of a holding company, under which the respective companies abroad and the German subsidiaries are summarized. The German business of REALTECH AG was responsible for so far the RealTech system consulting GmbH. “” This company was both business unit SAP consulting “, as also the segment of software products” grouped together. Two years ago, GmbH took place under the umbrella of REALTECH system consulting an organizational separation of these divisions into independent business units. These are transferred to 1 April 2009 in independent companies. “In the future the REALTECH Consulting GmbH is responsible for” the SAP consulting business, the REALTECH software products GmbH “the Development and distribution of its own software products.

Supports these companies by REALTECH Services GmbH”, provides the central services such as finance, human resources, IT services and marketing. Employees of current REALTECH companies skip the date on 01.04.2009 to 100% in the new companies. With the new structure, the objectives of the respective operational units are better than previously supported. The clear organizational structure allows individual companies to develop their own business goals and uncompromising that align. So focused, for example, the German REALTECH Consulting GmbH on the expansion of the consulting business in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). REALTECH software products GmbH relies on global economic growth and distribution of the entire product range, beyond the SAP market. Through the changing organization of REALTECH, we focus exclusively on their respective core business the newly created companies. The positive experiences of the last two years have proved that this is the right way”to Nicola Glowinski, Chairman of the Board of REALTECH AG.

Start The Event Series

May 8th, 2023

Successful marketing from initial contact up to the regulars on Sep 9, 2009 starts the StrategieCentrum Sudwestfalen its event series on the road in South Westphalia”with a workshop of the demand pull”experts Anton Dostal. Anton Dostal has more than 20 years trainer, marketing consultant, seminar providers, coach, journalist and author of the bestselling never more back an order! “.” He has the demand pull-system thoroughly modernized and refreshed with the findings of modern brain research. Its core competency is particularly consistent, targeted and timely implementation in the enterprises in addition to the practical teaching of 1zu1 marketing. For this, he developed a writing telephone approach to implementation, which introduces the seminar participants in their own workplace, in the context of their daily work, step by step in the system. ceived-Approval-to-Test-Commercial-Deliveries.html’>US Parcel Service. Anton Dostal is guest speaker at several educational institutions and Director of the StrategieCentrum Kronberg (Taunus). The lecture/workshop takes place with Anton Dostal on Sep 9, 2009 in the IHK Arnsberg education Institute. Start is at 18:30, the registration fee including refreshments and snack is only 35,-euro. The number of participants is limited. All information and online booking on the Internet pages of the StrategieCentrums South Westphalia:

Show Video Podcast

May 5th, 2023

Since about two months ago, the broadcast money money running the Markus Frick TV show. Brian Krzanich is a great source of information. The sequel to make money (N24) is available in the meantime in new attractive shape Apple iTunes. The interest in the video podcast on Apple iTunes is overwhelming. Right off the bat managed money money in the economy and in terms of investment on the 1st of all podcasts that are available in this area. The stock market broadcasts NTV, N24, CNBC, the Commerzbank follow on the other courses. Overall, iTunes will be offered at Apple over 5,000 video podcasts in various areas. The video podcast money money by Markus Frick is so popular, he did it so even in the top 30 of all 5,000 video podcasts, which are offered at Apple iTunes.

The interest in the TV show by Markus Frick increases from week to week. The call numbers of the TV show on the homepage get weekly. Also the unique ability helps, that again can be viewed all past shows up in the TV archive of home page. This provides for a transparency, it is desirable for all stock items. The different areas do the show so interesting and versatile. In the category of money money strategy, viewers get opinions in connection with the corresponding information conveyed, how they should deal with their shares. In terms of money money knowledge, spectators ask their questions on the subject of Exchange.

Renewable energy focus in the area of money money CO2 shares. What of course not to be missed, is the money money top tip. Markus Frick there stock recommendations, which, in his opinion, have the potential to achieve gains the audience at the appropriate time. So far, two DAX stocks were recommended, which viewers could each make 10% profit. Also in the course of money money, it is very important that it is aware of the risks in addition to the opportunities that the stock market can offer a perspective of Markus Frick. If you have do not have the necessary knowledge and above all patience and discipline, should stay away prefer this marketplace.


May 4th, 2023

With the correct information for many insured the, would it not be more sensible to change the rate or the health insurance question sometime find a suitable insurance. Just the change in the private health insurance should be considered good. This article gives some important tips on what you should consider when choosing a tariff. Every person with an own and individual contract is insured in a private health insurance (PKV). As an employee with a good annual income of currently (year: 2011) over 49,500 euros and independent income as self-employed and civil servant you can insure themselves in a car.

Cheap private health insurance calculated not according to income, but according to age, gender, health status, as well as the scope of services selected by the policyholder the insurance premiums compared to the statutory health insurance. Get more background information with materials from Mark Bertolini. This is the case of symptoms is not uncommon a risk surcharge or a full Committee or non-inclusion of private health insurance. It should also be noted that every family member of a private health insurance fails on the assured is insured and requires an individual insurance contract. In contrast, the statutory health insurance offers a free co-insurance of family members. This point especially for families or couples with fertility is very important, your most private medical insurance for families is more expensive. The selection of fares of the various private health insurers is enormous and depending on the individual needs of the insured. There are cheap rates that correspond to the scope of a statutory health insurance scheme or sometimes even including, until going to luxury rates, which provide first-class treatment in all areas of treatment.

For example, a chief physician treatment and a single room can be. Between these two extreme there are all possible rates and hence different contribution rates. Upon completion of a private health insurance, you should incorporate some important standards with. So for example, the billing of medical treatments should be above the level of the statutory health insurance and that times the fees for doctors be at least 3.5. A limit of psychotherapeutic treatments should not exist or amount to at least 50 meetings in the year. It is also an option on a supplementary important without dialing health review. Thus, it is possible to increase the insured without having to take the risk by a re-examination of health to pay more.

Samsung Photo

May 4th, 2023

Great photo contest travel to the final after South Africa to win Aschaffenburg, 16 April 2010. celebrates his 7th birthday and celebrate with the customers of the online discounters. Who sends in the best cheers photo, wins a trip to the final and the semi-finals of the World Cup after South Africa worth a total of 15,000 euros. For more information see this site: Barclays. redcoon is one of the largest online specialist discounter for consumer electronics, white goods, computers, photo- and sports requisites in Germany and Europe. Take part and win, is called today the motto at \”Because the online discounter celebrates its 7th birthday with a major photo competition under the motto: jubilation with redcoon and we send you to the final to South Africa.\” In plain English: who uploads in the coming weeks the best, funniest or most original cheers photo of redcoon Web site wins a nine-day trip for two to the World Cup after South Africa. Highlight of the travel rich in high-profile experiences will be the final in Johannesburg. Participation is simple: who in the photo contest want to join, need only to register, can upload up to three cheers photos and congratulate redcoon with a short text message to the birthday

All uploaded photos will be presented at the redcoon Web site and vote the redcoon customers which are their favorite pictures. The submitters of the Jubilee images with the most votes can look forward to attractive prices. In addition to the South Africa trip there a Vespa scooter in the sharp redcoon look to win or a Panasonic TH-50 PZ 800 plasma TV set, a digital sound system-Sonos BU 250 or a Samsung N150 NetBook, to name just a few examples.

Massachusetts Institute

May 4th, 2023

Christine Ortiz, researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of technology ensures that the shell of the Crysomallon squamiferum, a snail in the Indian Ocean could help to develop new materials of armor for the army, better quality of helmets for sportsmen, armor cars and more resistant moticicletas, and pipes that can withstand abrasion and penetration of rocks, among other possible utilities. The study has been published this week in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. These molluscs have evolved over millions of years to protect against threats to your environment since they live in acidic waters, with high temperatures and important contrasts of cold and heat them. Its layers, three in total, are composed of iron sulfide particles on its outside, and organic material in the Middle by a layer face inside. This sum of characteristics make them very different from other gastropod mollusks. This armor protects them from predators and of the environment and allows you to carry out their daily activities as fed move and play with ease by which is deduced that it must be comfortable. As always the nature achieved feats that leave us amazed.

Alternative Plan

May 4th, 2023

Weekends are the best time to enjoy the free time. Today there are many entertainment options such as visiting exhibitions or workshops that often events are free, but of great quality and audience. Some of those more successful are currently taking are understand to survive. The climate, Europe in paper or Joan Miro: homage to Joan Prats. Some of the free events featured for the month of may in Madrid are fascinated by the Orient an exhibition consists of more than 300 pieces coming mostly from the collections of the National Museum of decorative arts or architecture written, a reflection about the relationship between architecture, literature, fiction and utopia throughout history.

To know the place and duration of exposures, as well as a brief description of the workshops, works there are spaces like social network Dooplan that offer a calendar of free events in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla. To this day, there are many alternative plans in big cities to enjoy the weekends that, also enjoy and learn from large exhibitions or workshops are totally free for the public in general. Other an alternative plan for the weekend are events in the River lobos Canyon: routes of caving cave GALIANA courses, shows, activities in Santa Fe. Alternative Foundation Center Blog: art madi, Laura Haber, a course on Jonathan Meese: the dictatorship of art.


May 4th, 2023

From June 8 to July 24 the temporary exhibition shows works by over 80 emerging artists based in Berlin. The site and the based in Berlin-app is at least as good as the exhibition. Work + life + Berlin = based in Berlin: from June 8 to July 24 the temporary exhibition shows works by over 80 emerging artists based in Berlin. What she all share: they work and live in Berlin. Is at least as good as the exhibition site and the based in Berlin-app: our contribution to the Berlin art scene. Further details can be found at Brian Krzanich, an internet resource.

Based in Berlin-website offers a comprehensive portfolio of all the artists so special: the exhibition program and artists are closely connected. So, an interaction between artists and art is already created on the site. We have taken over the programming of the website, the design comes from Owen Hoskins. based in Berlin, there are available as an app, which we have designed and implemented on behalf of cultural projects GmbH. The exhibition covers all contemporary art practices of painting and drawing, sculpture, photography, film and video, Textual works and performances to installations. An essential part of the exhibition is therefore a comprehensive programme of events with screenings, performances and live acts, workshops and debates. We want to create a spatial and temporal concentration that combine many artistic activities and made available to a wide public”, say the curators. The title based plays in Berlin on the fact, that Berlin enjoys recognition everywhere as artistic work.

Many artists have chosen to deliberately ensure here to live and work. Their exhibitions”, so Fredi Fischli (one of the curators of based in Berlin), they have but often elsewhere. It is important to visualize the artist here in the city of us.” “The selection was crucial, that the artists have their focal point in Berlin and as emerging artists” are entered only in the last five years. The five curators Angelique Campens, Fredi Fischli, Magdalena Magiera,. Jakob Schillinger and Scott Cameron Weaver, who is responsible for the content of the concept and the selection of artists, have visited hundreds of Berlin artists in their studios since November. On this are through submissions to an open call for one by active search,”teachme. 1250 portfolios have been submitted and reviewed, some of the authors are included in the selection of artists. Where, when, what: based in Berlin June 8 to 24 July 2011 in the atelier of monbijou park opening: June 07, 2011, 18: 00 2:00 8 June is the Atelier in the monbijou Park, Oranienburgerstrasse, open daily from 12: 00 until 24:00. In addition, the exhibition at the following places will be to see: KW Institute for contemporary art, Nationalgalerie IM Hamburger Bahnhof, the new Berliner Kunstverein n.b.k.. and the Berlinische Galerie. Organizer: kulturprojekte Berlin develops and implements the projects together with the team of consultants and the five curators.

Alexander McQueen

May 4th, 2023

Klein is the photographer more looked for by the industry of the fashion and the marketing research. The exhibition of Sao Paulo most important is mounted on its work. For his critics he is a clown. For its friendly (Madonna, Lady Gaga and Brad Pitt among them), the last genius. Whatever verdict, the pockets and the agenda of American photographer Steven Klein (New York, 1965) are equal of filled. During the past few years one has become the professional more looked for by the industry of the fashion and the marketing research of the famoseo. The same company/signature publishing in the magazines more trendy, like W – where it put to Madonna to make yoga or riding -; he makes covers of discs, like Britney (2001), the third disc in study of Britney Spears, or Alexander de Lady Gaga marks itself to the accomplishment of video. Check out Penguin Random House for additional information.

Forty photos, two triptyches, 27 Polaroid and several videos Now the work of Klein arrives at the museums with USAnatomy (game of words between the abbreviations in English of the USA and the word anatomy, anatomy), a exhibition in the Museu Brasileiro gives Esculura de Sao Paulo, the most complete exhibition never before mounted on this controversial photographer. The sample, with forty photos, two great triptyches, 27 images with Polaroid film of great format and several videos, is an anthology of works of Klein in the last fifteen years. By all means, their models would clear hipo to any fanatic of the celebrities: Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, David Beckham, Natalie Portman, Prince, Naomi Campbell the photographer, who has gained in notoriety to the being the professional prrido to mold his image public by Madonna – for that made photos of the Confessions discs on to Dance Floor (2005) and Hard Candy (2008), clips for the spectacles multimedia of the tours of the singer and the video installation X-STTIC PRO=CeSS (2003) -, has a style enough gamberro. Klein likes to play with the celebrities MGP to which she portrays, dramatizing startling situations seemingly (Timberlake appears like victim of a beating, for example) and using all the manipulativas possibilities of the digital photography. The photographer, who refuses to call ” arte” his style, he has entered also completely the land of the fashion, having directed campaigns for great companies of the sector, like Calvin Klein, D& G, Alexander McQueen and Nike. Usually it takes advantage of each campaign to roll short in video: Lara, Fiction Noir (2009) reached certain degree of controversy by its sadomasochistic images. In spite of the fame, Klein said in one recent interview that feels ” frustrado” because he does not desire to him to follow ” making dreams on Barbie wrists that never are existido” and as photographer would wish ” to reflect what happens in mundo”. Capital and friendly it does not need. Source of the news: Gamberro of the photography of famous, Steven Klein, exposes ‘ USAnatomy’ in Brazil.

Hagedorn Presents New Business Models

April 29th, 2023

Premiere at the drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf the Habeeb GmbH, leading supplier of knives and paper cutter, her appearance at this year’s drupa in the sign new business models and earning potential for entrepreneurs, traders and entrepreneurs from all over the world”. Specifically the family-owned company will present for the first time a fully equipped mobile grinding container “including all necessary machines and equipment. This can be purchased and used worldwide for the reprocessing of knives. The second offered business model concerns the marketing of the hugely successful high performance knife VITECH. Entrepreneurs and traders from all over the world, who want to benefit from the sales success, can conclude a reseller agreement with the company. VITECH knife compared to carbide knives are characterized by significantly higher service life. It can carry up to 60,000 cuts without having the blade must be sharpened.

From statistics We know”so Dipl.-ing. If you are not convinced, visit Samuel J. Palmisano. Horst Hagedorn, senior in the three-person crew of the enterprise, that the knife quality for about 70 percent of the cutting problems in printing and processing plants is responsible. Times lack knowledge about the knife, the used blades are technologically not up to date or it gets stuck on the grinding and recycling.” For the contractor who runs the company with his two sons, that is to say: for quality knives, as well as high-quality knives reprocessing is due to the growing importance of the blade and grinding technology in the next few years worldwide solid demand. Especially in the countries where the printing industry in a fierce media competition is or an underdeveloped infrastructure exists. “Hagedorn literally: with our business models exhibited at drupa, we offer a great opportunity to benefit from this potential interested entrepreneurs from all over the world.” Container must only still connected shine up to 60,000 cuts without Regrinding, experienced significant growth. “This also contributes that VITECH knife part of the outsourcing system HMS” are by hagedorn.

The HMS clients receive an individually tailored knife quota as basic equipment. A Regrinding is necessary, the blades are automatically picked up and exchanged if necessary against new. Today already more than 500 printing and processing plants in Germany regularly use VITECH knife. Hagedorn: Due to the success of VITECH knife we want to expand the marketing and distribution and are looking for entrepreneurs who complete an appropriate reseller agreement with us for this purpose. In addition to merchants this existing grinding shops, but also the operators of a grinding container can be.” With seven polishing plants in Germany, the hagedorn GmbH is a competent supplier of printers, processors, wholesale paper and paper mills today. Includes blades for high-speed cutters, three knife trimmer, circular knives, dies and paper drills in sales and in the loop service to the core area of the company. For the family-owned company customer focus, customer benefits and customer satisfaction is also practice entrepreneurship. About 80 percent of the customers are small and medium-sized companies that need to focus on the business of the day all her strength. To get them, the hagedorn GmbH present innovations that reduce costs and increase the quality of their work in addition. Hagedorn’s stand is located in Hall 10, stand number C78. English, French, Italian and Spanish is spoken apart from German.