One Day I Go To Die

ITS WORLD the world of a person is the addition of as many things that it is impossible to define, therefore the times and the movements are all dessincronizado and intangible that no matter how hard let us try to understand, intelligence for in such a way lacks. But, I can affirms that it has left of it understands the days of lives, the souvenirs of the past, the heat of the gift and the expectation of the future. The friends, enemies, the loves and the hatred, the listened to and said words, the thoughts and the dreams, pains and joys, the knowledge and the unfamiliarity, intelligence, the ignorance, complement it to everything, but he is not depleted in this. To each day that the life passes, I see my world being constructed and destroyed by me, the disillusionments and joys that comes and go; in high and low movements of, it if form, some times deformed. My world already was small great, infinite and finite, dicotmico and antagonistic, infantile and mature, simple and complex e. My world left already me wild, but it left also me in peace. It already was dolorido, sad, laborious, fearful, as well as was glad, it has led, smiling and happy. He was solitary, with much people in it; solitary, with me only.

In it, it was difficult to find and to release somebody, I had loves and homesicknesses. To leave the past and to follow the future already were difficult, but it was easy also. At some moments, it wanted to leave it in others, to be. But never it wanted the world of another one because my world I am Every day it becomes gift; awaken and the world comes stops of new being constructed and being destroyed. It seems that all dumb o my world, but, although everything, it is fascinating until one day my world definitively will be destroyed.


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