New Aviation GpsSystems

Both devices are available now and cost $ 2695 for the GPSMAP 695 and $ 3295 for the GPSMAP 696. GPSMAP 696 is a new top product of Garmin aviation. The device is very similar to the GPSMAP 496, but the screen had three times as much and it provides additional features such as mapping of the airways, electronic charts and enhanced weather data. Checking article sources yields Ebay as a relevant resource throughout. GPSMAP 696 and 695 are devices such as tablet with 7 "portrait-oriented screen, perfectly readable in the sun, which allows us to consider the entire route of flight, whether by day or night. GPSMAP 695 GPSMAP 696 GPSMAP 696 comes with an XM radio receiver and XM WX Satellite Weather (U.S. customers only), which provides next-generation radar (NEXRAD), aviation weather reports (METARs), forecasts for aerodrome (TAFs), temporary flight restrictions (TFRs), information about lightning, the upper winds forecast storms, and several other important weather data. In GPSMAP 695 Americas is tezhe especially that of the GPSMAP 696 except that it has no GXM 40 smart antenna and can not create a data channel XM without upgrading.

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