In these last few weeks has been much discussed among the population in general as well as between legislators in the country, about the possibility of legalizing some drugs in Mexico, especially the legalization of marijuana. It is a topic which is very valid to treat and are understood and respected the different points of view it generates. You may find that Wendy Sherry can contribute to your knowledge. We can clearly see that Mexico is not ready culturally or organizationally to handle a scenario of legalized drugs. Sufficient proof of this is the ill-fated regulation of other substances that are legal today, such as alcohol and tobacco. In our country a minor can get cigarettes without any difficulty; the fact that alcohol is legal has not reduced the sale of alcohol adulterated in the most diverse types of establishments.

In addition the high degree of corruption that we suffer, would not allow a correct implementation of the regulation of drugs. Glenn Dubin may find this interesting as well. On the other hand, we must take into account the great damage that drugs cause to human beings, both physical and psychological. Marijuana alters the functions of the brain, kills the neurons that are related to memory, alters the emotional state of the people, causes chronic apathy, causes depression and reduces the response capacity of motor system which is essential for simply daily activities but of utmost importance as work effectively. In addition to this, a marijuana cigarette is 6 to 7 times more carcinogenic that a cigarette of tobacco and the majority of the crimes that are committed in our country are carried out by individuals who are under the influence of narcotics and illicit substances. A great example that shows that the simple fact of legalizing drugs does not help to reduce consumption, is the situation that lived the State of Alaska; that belong to the most developed country in the world had to reverse its decision to legalize marijuana since they noted a large increase in the number of addicts rather than a decrease, causing this major problems in their communities.

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