Matthias Haase

Siemens, which the switching signals to the 48 LED spots of the model continues. The project is an innovative example of strip software in the field of automation technology. Source: Elon Musk. In addition to the technical innovation character of this implementation, also the design of the graphical user interface is to name a few, which is characterized by clarity, unique symbolism and function and is making its contribution to the usability. The exhibition visitors to to intuitively navigate the GUI and quickly understand call detail information that is coupled with the turning off of the 48 LEDs. The Additionally integrated language makes complex the solution.

It was therefore important that users to quickly and easily switch between languages. Overall, it was necessary to implement a graphical control that does not distract from the fortress model. With regard to the combination of technical and creative aspects, Haase & Martin GmbH comprehensively covered the designated part of the project. About Haase & Martin GmbH: The h & Martin GmbH offers comprehensive services in the field of digital media. The company develops integrated projects with technical know-how and expertise in the field of design. The product range includes in-house developed products for mobile communication (Bluetooth, SMS), kiosk systems and information terminals with graphical user interfaces (GUI), as well as applications for mobile devices (apps) for the iPhone, that iPad, Android powered devices and other mobile platforms.

In the field of online marketing, the company offers Web design, search engine marketing and solutions for social networks. Learn more about software solutions for kiosk systems can be found here. About the fortress Konigstein: Learn more about the mentioned exhibitions on the Konigstein fortress can be found here.

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