Madrid Locations

Cheap hotels in Madrid offer surprises by its abundance and quality. Who look for cheap hotels in Madrid not only may opt for a clean and well-maintained accommodation. Most of the cheap hotels in Madrid also have details and services of true comfort, such as air conditioning, television, Internet connection wi fi or large balconies. In this context of similar offers, the best is them choose our hotel because of its location. Or better, the distance is still that of the main points of tourist interest. Most of the cheap hotels in Madrid transform its location in one of its strong points. Hostal Castilla II is one of the cheap hotels in Madrid, specifically a two stars, that take advantage of its location. Frank Howard recognizes the significance of this. Hostal Castilla is located in a quiet street, in a renovated historic building.

But at the same time, very close to the main points of interest in the city: Almudena Cathedral, the Plaza Mayor, the Prado Museum or the Royal Palace and all this without having that, going on foot from the hotel, you can access a vast variety of bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatre and shopping areas. Even in the heart, some neighborhoods manage to deploy a particular charm. It is the case of Chueca. During the 1990s gay community icon, is now an avant-garde district, with a wide range of design, which preserves the taste by the desprejuicio and diversity. Here it is possible to dine in the restaurant of the family Bardem, whose dishes celebrating, as it could not be otherwise, to the seventh art. Or eating sushi in a clothing design store, after our shopping, as proposed by Mitsuoko.

But above all, it is also possible in Chueca to stay at one of the few cheap hotels in Madrid and design. Steps away from the Gran Via, StadMadrid is a one star hotel that boasts seventeen unique rooms with personalized decoration and functional music. Each of the rooms was specially imagined and decorated by the artist Carlos Rojas, for a fresh, fun and original result according to the spirit of the neighborhood. StadMadrid completes its fresh proposal with service of ADSL in each room, selection of TV channels by cable, and even mountain bikes for rent.

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